10 Must-Watch Shows on Netflix
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10 Must-Watch Shows on Netflix

Stop what you're doing and watch these!

10 Must-Watch Shows on Netflix
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1) Stranger Things

Set in the 1980s, this sci-fi adventure series is 'The Goonies' meets 'Alien' and will have you on the edge of your seat and leave you wondering about the things that go bump in the night.

2) Peaky Blinders

This BBC series is like Sons of Anarchy set in England after World War I. There are less motorcycles, but just as much sex, drugs, and violence. These British gangsters will soon have you rooting for them as they attempt to conquer the professional and criminal worlds alike.

3) Parks and Recreation

If you want to spend 25 minutes laughing uncontrollably, this is your show.

4) The Walking Dead

If you haven't seen this show yet, you've definitely heard about it, and the rumors are true, it is THAT good. So stop making up excuses and get on the same page with everyone else.

5) Dexter

Another classic anti-hero show, Dexter is twisted in so many ways with cliff hangers that will leave you wanting more all the up through the series.

6) Sons of Anarchy

I couldn't just mention SOA above without including it on this list. With motorcycle gangs, gun running, drugs, and shootouts, there is enough action to make you accidentally watch a whole season in a day. After watching the series you'll find yourself wanting a leather cut and a Harley.

7) The League

This raunchy comedy follows around a group of friends whose whole lives revolve around one thing, fantasy football. You'll probably be able to see similarities between the characters and some members of your own fantasy leagues, but at the very least you'll laugh a lot and get some good team names out of it.

8) Psych

A fake psychic, two best friends fighting crime, and endless movie references. A ridiculous show that is ridiculously funny.

9) Friends

You will identify with one of these characters and fall in love with the others in the process. A classic show that is always funny.

10) Arrow

Based on the DC Comics character, Arrow is a vigilante that will do anything to save his city. This show has oddly high number of villains who fight with arrows but will keep you wanting more and asking 'what happened on that island?'

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