In this day and age, we're all just a wee bit obsessed with Netflix.

Netflix doesn't let us down like people do, Netflix is always there for us. When we need someone to listen to our problems, or when we need to escape into the depths of a different reality. Netflix has something for everyone to enjoy, and for every mood you may be in. Netflix doesn't judge you when you mess up, Netflix embraces your time in your bed. Due to these wonderful qualities Netflix exhibits, I've decided to come up with 10 must see movies on the holy grail of all websites.

1. Stuck in Love

A great movie about a family and how messed up they are, as well as their love lives. It'll make you laugh and cry in a span of 3 seconds.

2. White Frog

A movie about a boy with Asperger's syndrome and how he is coping with the death of his brother, as well as the dark secrets his brother and friends were hiding. This movie will make you cry I promise.

3. The Fundamentals of Caring

A movie about a man who becomes the caretaker of a teen in a wheelchair and the adventures they face as they embark on a road trip. Bound to make you cry of laughter.

4. The Ward

A thriller about a woman in a mental hospital who is having visions unlike anything she's seen before. Will have you on the edge of your seat.

5. Adventures in Babysitting

Who doesn't love a good ole 80's movie? A babysitter embarks on a wild adventure for the night with the kids she's supposed to be babysitting. Once the night is over, she'll have her hourly rate doubled!

6. Can't Buy Me Love

Anyone who knows me knew it was inevitable for this movie to be on here. Young Patrick Dempsey plays in it, which is really enough for me to watch. The movie is about a nerd who helps a popular girl out by lending her money to pay for something in exchange for pretending to date him for a month.

7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Sure to make you feel every emotion out there. A story about a break up with a twist, they erase all memories of each other with a mental experiment.

8. Tommy Boy

An old comedy classic. The family business is in danger and it's up to the assistant and the useless son to fix the problem. Will have you laughing until you've grown a six pack.

9. Donald Glover: Weirdo

By far the funniest stand up comedy show I've ever seen, this one is sure to have you rolling.

10. The Brass Teapot

A movie that follows a couple with a lot of financial issues, that is until they find a magic brass teapot that pours money out. The only catch is, they have to hurt themselves in order for it to work. Definitely quite the quirky movie.