10 Must-Haves For Back-To-School This Year
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Student Life

10 Must-Haves For Back-To-School This Year

Everything you need for your first day!

10 Must-Haves For Back-To-School This Year

Its that time again! Back to school shopping! Some of you are heading off to college in a few weeks and are looking at all of this and your excited and nervous at the same time! Trust me... I was too! But I'm here to help with what you for sure need this year! (Click on the photos to visit the relevant websites.)

Here's 10 things you definitely should have this school year!

1. A fun and sturdy back pack

We can look at the cutesy ones all day but they are not gonna last you to second semester. I recommend a North Face or Patagonia. They are cute and very sturdy. You won't be going back to mom come Christmas break and saying I need a new one. Plus they hold a whole heck of a lot! Plenty of room for all your books and laptop for late night study sesh!

2. Mini Fridge

Everyone loves bringing home leftovers and eating them late at night when your up studying all night. Some dorms have fridges already but I definitely recommend getting one if your dorm doesn't have one.

3. Shower caddy

If you dont have your own shower, even if you do this is a must have for everyone! You dont want to carry everything and drop it when you're in a towel!

4. Speakers

This is a must have for rocking out with your roomie late at night! Or just to listen to your tv louder!

5. Shower flip flops

If you have ever gone to camp you know how gross the community shower can be! Even sometimes guys showers are just quite gross. So go get some cheap flip flops maybe even get a few pairs to be able to wear in the shower.

6. An umbrella

Keep this in one of the pockets of your backpack for those rainy days! Youll get caught in the rain with all your books and computer, your parents wont be happy if they have to replace them... Trust me!

7. Bed risers

These are super cool! They take all the hassle out of trying to plug your phone in and finding the plug while trying not to wake up your roommate! These are awesome! They are a must-have!

8. A bed set

A bed set is the easiest way to pick what all you want on your bed! You can pick a few colors and then you can go from there! Here's a few that are super awesome and they won't break your budget!

9. Water bottles

These are a MUST-HAVE! You will be walking outside more than you are use to and you can get dehydrated very easily even if its not that hot outside. So get a good water bottle and bring it with you everywhere! You can even put soda in it from the dining hall if you wanted!

10. Laundry bag/basket

We all have dirty laundry we have to do! Instead of making a ton of trips in our arms, bring a bag or basket and do it all there! Then all you have to do when you get back to your room you just have to put it up!

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