I got a tinder. Why? I really have no idea. Personally, the concept of just swiping through guys seems a little depressing and impersonal. Then again, every other millennial in this country has one of these things, so why not give it a try?

1. Downloading the app

No, seriously why? I've been the girl who was vehemently opposed to tinder for years. I always thought it was kind of sad and ridiculous to just swipe through guy after guy. Aaaaand now i'm here.

2. Putting your profile together

This is the hard part, attempting to be interesting. Should I be funny? - i'm not funny! How much is too much information. The pressure is real right now guys.

3. Choosing your best photos

This is actually so hard. I read somewhere that there are 7 different photos you should use for your tinder. A good selfie, a body picture, a hobby picture, a picture with your friends - to show you have a social life etc. So I have to be cute, interesting, AND have hobbies other than sleeping??!

4. All those cute guys...

I'm not ashamed to admit that i'm super picky. Since joining tinder, i've only swiped right on about a dozen or so guys, but there were plenty that I thought were really cute. Maybe I didn't go right on each one but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate an attractive face.

5. Getting your first few matches and realizing you're not totally undateable

I have to say this was a surprise for me. So far I've only swiped right on a couple people--like maybe 10. It's always exciting to match with someone and get that confidence boost--even if you don't wind up talking to them.

6. Finding those really bizarre profiles

This is no joke. I've only been on here for a couple weeks and I've seen everything from a profile photo of some guy passed out on kitchen floor to guys that come with a wife and kids...

7. Asking yourself "do I genuinely want to meet people or do I just want to find the people that I know because I'm nosy AF?"

Honestly, I'm not 100% sure why I got this thing. Like sure, I wanted to look at and possibly meet cute guys, but it's kind of funny seeing people that you know on there. I also just really like knowing people's shit.

8. Wondering if it's socially acceptable to Tinder in public.

In all honesty I was trying and failing to hide my phone in the library, my lecture, and everywhere else yesterday because I was using my tinder. This is a low point for me guys.

9. Finding a ton of people from your classes on tinder

Maybe it's because I'm on a really small campus, but I've found a ton of people from my classes on this app. It's not much of a surprise if you're using it on campus, but there's something kind of funny about finding the guy who sits across from you at your 8am on there.

10. Finding your professor

This one is considerably less funny. Nuff' said.