10 Moments Where Disney Villains Have Perfectly Described My College Life

I have had many times throughout my college career where those times couldn't have been described better than by the Disney villains. I absolutely love the villains and ultimately relate to them on a spiritual level. I actually got the chance to meet some of them while spending time at Walt Disney World, and I still can't get over it. The moments below are some of the times where they describe my life perfectly in college.

1. When you got zero sleep because of that humanities exam, and are now running late to class but you have to go because attendance is part of your grade.

2. When you find out that the lowest test score will be dropped.

3. When you're assigned a group project and paired with people who don't even come to class.

4. When you're trying to figure out what to you're doing with your life because you'll graduate before you know it.

In my case, December.

5. Deciding whether you want a Reese's for dinner or Ramen, again. Because poor.

6. When you wake up to go to class but decide being a recluse is a better option.

7. When you're trying to get to class but everyone else is on their Sunday stroll.

8. When your professor says you can bring one page of notes to the exam.

9. When you thought going out before your 8 am class was a smart decision.

10. When you haven't read anything and realize your first exam is next week.

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