10 Memes That Sum Up Finals Week

10 Memes That Sum Up Finals Week

Here are 10 memes that accuratley sum up finals week


Finals week is the week where most college students pick up their books or go over their material for the first time. It is the time of the year where college students everywhere frantically get in every last bit of studying in before they either pass or fail some of the biggest exams they will ever take. It is also the time of year where students calculate what they need to get on their exams to pass the class. College campuses during this week are definitely acting on a high level of stress from students and professors to get everything done in time. Here are 10 memes that accurately sum up finals week.


In other words, our brains know absolutely nothing, everything mushes together, or we are dying on the inside with no brain in our heads.


You can feel all the lack of sleep. All the sleep is gone and you know it.


We wish there were curves, but either way Hunger Games sums up finals week.


Again, low levels of sleep show on your face no matter where you go or whatever you do get rid of it. Not even make up for girls can help you out.


This meme describes itself, it needs no words.


Again, describes itself.


Pretty much every college student ever if you ask me.


If you are a coffee drinker, then this meme is definitely you but ten times as bad!


This can perfectly describe several of the professors I have had in my past.

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