For me, many times I'm too dialed into the music and completely zone out while lip-syncing the words. I'm looking forward to that feeling of success and accomplishment of a hard-earned work out.

1. "Great, today is leg day."

That's right; legs feed the wolf. If there's one group of muscles guys tend to dread, it's the lower extremity – leg muscles. Now, I am not labeling all men to be this way – legs are one of my favorites, they require the most focus and technique. I usually start my week with legs (Monday) and bring them back into the picture on Friday or Saturday – depending on my schedule.

2. "I think I've got to fart. Yeah, I do."

The great debate: a guy is mid-workout, and suddenly that urge to pass gas from lunch or your mid-day meal comes to you. If you can, try and make it back to the bathroom – if not, you'll figure it out.

3. "Oh yes, I love this song."

We all have that song that comes on during our workout and gets us super amped. That's one of my personal favorite feelings.

4. "There she is - not only is she smoking, but she's fitter than me."

Gyms, fitness facilities, you name it, all have people who are at different stages of their fitness journeys. Yes, women can be stronger than men – or flat out in better shape. I see it quite often at the gyms I go to every day. In fact, I've gotten my butt handed to me in CrossFit workouts by older men, and many women – and it doesn't bother me. It pushes me more to get better.

5. "Pre-workout kicked in, time to make a number two."

For those who are on pre-workout supplements, you know what this is - no need to go into more detail here.

6. "Is this person done yet?"

Waiting for that bench or squat rack can be a big pain; especially if the person is fiddling around on their phone. Don't be that person. Do work.

7. "I'm hungry."

Don't go to the gym on an empty stomach. Trust me.

8. "Why is it so crowded today?"

Monday through Wednesday is the worst consecutive lineup of days to go to the gym. We all want to cover up our bad decisions from the weekend. Consider early mornings on Saturday and Sunday if you can. The gym is usually a ghost town then.

9. "Go heavy or go home."

I hate to break the news to you, but that's not always the case. If your form sucks when lifting, you're only hurting yourself. Study film, listen to podcasts, read about best practices, and get a good foundation before giving the love to the big weights. They'll always be there – start small, and make substantial strides.

10. "I'm doing chest today."

Happy International chest day, every Monday of the calendar year. The chest is important, but so are the other muscle groups of the body.

Try and see what you think about when lifting. I bet if you recorded a few thoughts, and read them over weeks later, you'll crack yourself up.