Once you learn about these simple life hacks, you're going to wonder why you never thought of them yourself! They take very little effort and time and can save you so much hassle. It never hurts to spend a few minutes making something that will save you time, money, and frustration in the long run!

1. Clothespin Headphone Storage

It is so easy to make these magnetic clothespins! Simply glue a small magnet onto the back of one, stick it up on a magnetic surface, and voila! You have a handy place to keep your headphones so they won't get tangled or lost ever again! Get the instructions here.

2. Make a Gift Bag out of Wrapping Paper

Sometimes you get a gift that is just too awkwardly shaped to wrap. If you don't have a gift bag, but you still have some wrapping paper to spare, use this life hack to make one! Click here to get step-by-step instructions.

3. Open a Wine Bottle with Just a Shoe

Got a bottle of wine to open but don't have a corkscrew? No worries! Just use your shoe! This method can take a little time, but if you're in a pinch, it totally works! Find out how to do this here.

4. Clean a Dirty Microwave with Water and Lemon Juice

Microwaves are notorious for getting very messy, and they can be very difficult to clean. This hack makes it easy to clean a microwave without having to scrub so hard. Just mix water and lemon juice in a bowl, microwave it for 3 minutes, let it stand for 5 minutes, then you should be able to simply wipe the mess away! For more microwave hacks, click here.

5. Cool Down in Hot Weather

Summer is approaching, so you've got to make sure you stay cool! If it's a really hot day and you want to cool off quickly, just fill a container with ice and put it in front of a fan. The air will be much cooler and you'll feel better in no time! Check out some other hot weather hacks here.

6. Sharable Chips in a Bag

If you want to share a bag of chips, or you're just tired of getting cheesy fingers, try opening the bag this way! Here are the instructions on how.

7. Find Coupons for Your Groceries

Lozo.com is a neat website that allows you to enter in all the items in your grocery list and it will search for coupons for each of them! It's a great way to save some coin on your shopping trip.

8. Make Pill Treats for Dogs

If you have a hard time getting your dog to take its medicine, you may have thought about wrapping the pills in treats to get your dog to eat them. But if you'd rather save some money, you can make these pill pockets at home! Here is a recipe for a tasty treat your dog will love that easily hides their medicine. It's a win-win!

9. 3-Ingredient Stain Remover

Sometimes those store-bought stain cleaners don't quite do the trick. White vinegar, dish soap, and water are all you really need to make a great stain remover at home. Get the full recipe here.

10. Organize Your Backpack

It can be annoying when you really need a pencil to take notes in class but it's buried at the bottom of your backpack and you can't find it. This hack makes your school supplies easy to access by using strips of velcro tape to keep them on the inside flap of your backpack. Get the step-by-step instructions on how to do this here.

These life hacks are so helpful and they make the simple things in life so much easier. Now all you have to worry about is what you are going to do with all the time that you saved because of these!