10 Lessons Harry Potter Has Taught Us.
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10 Lessons Harry Potter Has Taught Us.

Whether it's been through the several books or movies we have all learned things from the world that J.K.Rowling has created. We have learned about friendships and how powerful they can be. A mothers love and protection never dies and that some journeys in life you have to face alone. So grab your wand and your broomstick and let's see what lessons we can learn from the magical world of Harry Potter.

10 Lessons Harry Potter Has Taught Us.

1.Never Be Afraid To Be Yourself Even If Others Call You Weird.


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  1. Being yourself in a society that wants to look perfect and have the best Instagram feed is a quality that everyone should have. Today's society is somewhat obsessed with themselves and their social appearance when instead we should be focusing on family and real-world connections with friends.

2.Always Stick Up For Your Friends.


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  1. Friends are there to help you in life along with being there for you when your down. Good friends matter you don't need anyone fake in your life, because honestly how are fake friends genuinely going to benefit you in the long run. A good friend is always there for you and you should do the same. If your friend is being picked on or being bullied in any type of way you should stand up for them. Key point don't ever take a friend for granted ever!!.

3. It's Okay To Be A Bookworm.


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  1. Just like Hermione Granger, it's okay to always be in the books. whether it's studying for a big exam or just you find yourself picking up a good book and not putting it down until it's finished. if Hermione taught us anything it's that being smart is okay and it can help you through almost any challenge life throws at you.

4. Being Scared Isn't Always A Bad Thing.

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  1. Sometimes being scared is a good thing especially in sketchy situations. That feeling helps you determine whether you will be safe or whether it's time to go home and be safe. Being scared in situations that are unsafe is logical. When you're at a party and you get a weird feeling that you should leave you should follow that feeling because chances are there could be something going on.

5. Family Is Everything.


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1. Family isn't always blood sometimes your closest friends can be your family. Just like Harry, Hermione and Ron I have found my forever best friends. Their names are Halie and Jordan over the past two years we have become very close and I feel that if I ever needed help with anything they would be there for me. I'm lucky to have such kind and loyal friends some people don't get so lucky and hardly have friendships.

6. Heartbreak Is Sometimes Inevitable.


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  1. Heartbreak can come in many forms whether it's losing a loved one or a friend. I've experienced both and they are both extremely painful. Losing a parent to death can break you in several ways and sometimes it's hard to put the pieces back together but it can be done. Losing a friendship can be painful as well. Knowing someone for so long and then suddenly one day you wake up and they're not the same person and everything your friendship was built upon is gone. It's hard moving on and reopening yourself to new friendships and relationships. Once you finally do you'll be glad you did because there's someone out there that is perfect for you. Don't settle for anything less than what you deserve.

7. Money Isn't Everything


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  1. Sure having a good job and the finer things in life is always nice but so is having meaningful relationships. Money doesn't always make you happy and if it does then there's a problem. Yes, it is a necessity in order to have things in life but having relationships and social skills is even more influential in people's lives. Make time to get together with friends and just go out and spend time building upon your friendship. Even if it's just a phone call to a loved one or friend can make a difference. Mend broken relationships live your life with no regrets and doubts.

8. Face Your Fears.


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  1. Like Harry, facing Voldemort was one of his biggest fears. For me, it's public speaking. I've always had fears about public speaking and what if I'm made fun of? Or what if I mess up?. There comes a point where you have to face your fears head on and say " listen you can't have this much control over me". Another fear that I've always had was the unknown especially when it comes to water. Over the summer I go to my families cabin which rests right next to a lake that we usually go swimming in. There's a clearing that I usually swim in but this year my friend wanted to go tubing out far. So I had to put on my big girl pants and float out to the middle. Let's just say I did it and I was able to get some beautiful pictures of the mountains out of it.

9. A Life Wasted Is Worse Than Death.


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  1. No matter how old you are you can always make something of yourself. Never give up on your dreams even if you are older. Go back to school get your degree do what you love never settle for a boring life when you could have everything you've always wanted. This life is your only one so make the most of it. Everyone has such potential and can do anything they put there mind to.No one should doubt themselves just because someone says they're not good enough because who are they to comment so negatively on your life. Grab life by the horns and never let go into you've accomplished all you ever wanted to.

10. Animals Are The Loyalist Of Friends.


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  1. Animals are pure and are always there for you in your time of need. They will always be by your side no matter the situation. They never judge you (except for cats) and will always love you unconditionally no matter what you do. They will always be there to protect you and be by your side no matter what life throws at you. Everyone looks forward to the day they get there first pet and knowing that they will be with you while you grow up. They are there for every birthday and every holiday. Even if things aren't the best they are the one sturdy/unchanging part of your life. Although I have to say that if I was in Hogwarts I would totally have a Hippogriff. They just have everything they are loyal and can fly like who wouldn't want to fly on there Hippogriff to class and them back home after.

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