Chances are, your school has a counseling center. Counseling is, without a doubt, an experience that can not be described in just a few words. Aside from whatever people may think that counseling is and what it is used for, there are many benefits to utilizing the school's counseling center. As my counselor had told me, to ease the idea (as well as the misconception) that I was crazy, counseling is a tool that you can use to better yourself as well as to better your life. Who wouldn't that? To know that there is a tool to use at your school (that is probably free as well) to better your life - down to time management and study skills. Here are the top 10 things that I have learned as a client at my school's counseling center:

1. No fear has to be faced alone.
When I first got to counseling, I was so ravaged with anxiety and fear, that I could barely get out of my bed in the mornings to function and carry out my daily tasks (hello no-shower-days). Through counseling, I have had a non-biased outlet to all of my fears, no matter how big or small. I also am given various techniques to use to solve the problems that I will face in my day-to-day life

2. Uncovering the layers to yourself is the biggest relief.
Why am I doing the things that I am doing? Am I crazy? The answer is; no, you aren't crazy; chances are, if you are like me, that you have more layers to the things that you face and feel every day. Counseling will help to peel those layers from you.

3. Friendships can always be so much stronger.
Friends come and go, but the best friends that you have will stick with you when you start counseling, which are arguably the hardest weeks of your life. Find the friends that want nothing but the best for you day in and day out.

4. People care.
Even though it might not feel like it, there is someone that genuinely cares about your well-being mentally as well as physically. There is a team of people that want nothing more than to be the ultimate resource for you to be the best you that you can imagine.

5. Checking yourself into the counseling center for the first time is the hardest thing to do.
Between the questionnaire and the hour of questions that pertain to the things that you struggle the most with in your life, there was not a time harder than admitting that I needed to do something about the black hole that I felll into.

6. There is a way out.
The darkest tunnels will still have a light at the end, Your counselor can show you this light.

7. Celebrate the little things.
Some days, I have a mini celebration simply because I was able to choke down an apple and keep it down. The little things in life are still worth fighting for.

8. Counseling can be for everyone.
Struggling with studying? This may not necessarily be the typical issue for a counseling center, but if it stems from an anxiety that you have, it may be worthwhile to see the couinselors. They can help with your schedule and talk you through the things that might distract you the most.

9. Becoming more self aware happens.
Before I started my journey through counseling, I didn't know where to begin with the problems that I waws having. Now, it is becoming easier and easier to see where these problems lie and where they are stemming from,

10. Being happy is the most important thing.
If you think that your or someone you care about is struggling, please don't hesitate to contact your school's counseling services.