8 Jobs You Can Safely Work During The COVID-19 Pandemic
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8 Jobs You Can Safely Work During The COVID-19 Pandemic

You can still make a pretty penny while hunkering down through a global pandemic.


As we enter our first summer into a global pandemic, many teens and young adults are wondering how to find a source of income without risking exposure to COVID-19. While many essential workers on the frontlines are always looking for extra bodies help their ever-increasing workload, many of us are wondering if it's even possible to find a job minus the coronavirus. Here are 8 suggestions that I've found that might help job-seekers in their frantic search in building their resume.

1. Bank teller

Homer Simpson at the bank in an episode of "The Simpsons."


Banks are probably on top of everyone's minds right now as the pandemic is putting a strain on everybody's wallets. Most banks have drive-thru windows so that you can handle people's financial requests from a safe distance. It's also not to mention you're probably going to be working with only several people in a wider space. Check your own bank or the countless other ones in your area.

2. Grocery stocker

A raccoon pushes a cart filled with groceries.


Grocery stores are busier than ever because of the pandemic, which means items are flying off the shelves. Check your local grocery stores to see if they have stocker positions, especially those that are overnight so that you don't have to deal with customers. Also see if they have online delivery fulfillment jobs, as these are becoming a popular alternative to shopping in an era of social distancing.

3. Retail employee

Ben Feldman and Nico Santos in NBC's "Superstore."


As more states begin to slowly reopen amid the pandemic, retailers are beginning to reopen for curbside pickup. Check your local retail stores to see if they're hiring. Put it this way: when's the next chance to work in retail and NOT deal with annoying customers?!

4. Data entry

A woman rapidly enters data into a computer.


If you're looking for something more professionally-oriented, check job sites or local Facebook groups for remote data entry positions. Especially for those in medicine, many employers are looking for people to enter data for their analytics, which is an ideal job for those seeking to work from home.

5. Uber Eats delivery driver

A man delivering an Uber Eats order in a commercial for the service.


Uber Eats, DoorDash and GrubHub are all trying to put more incentive into using their services. Because of this, these delivery companies are hiring hundreds of new people to meet the demand. Not only can you work when you feel, but also these companies now have the option to safely deliver food such as leaving at the door. You get paid, your customers get to eat. A win-win.

6. Front end cashier

Maggie Simpson being scanned in the intro for "The Simpsons."


Most grocery stores have plexiglass installed at registers and incorporate social distancing guidelines throughout their floors. I understand that this is probably the riskiest job on this list, it wouldn't hurt to weigh your options in deciding to take up a front end job.

7. Babysitting for essential workers

Barney Rubble carrying a child in "The Flintstones."


While many essential workers are working their butt off throughout their tiring jobs, they're also frantically finding ways to make sure their little ones are safe. Search the web or social media to see if you're willing to offer part of your day for an essential worker that needs someone to watch their children.

8. Remote tutoring

Lisa Simpson reacting to becoming a tutor in "The Simpsons."


Children are probably struggling the most in dealing with a pandemic that has upended their upbringing. This may mean that they're struggling with school. Whether it be ordinary school or summer school, see if there's any openings out there for anyone that has kids struggling with a certain subject. If one subject is your niche, then it could lead to a good source of income.

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