10 Amazing 'Go-To' Gifts For The Men In Your Life, Perfect For Any Deserving Occasion

If you're like me, shopping for guys is like your regular, yearly teeth cleaning-you don't love it, you know it needs done, but you're extremely happy when it's over and you don't have to do it again for a hot minute.

Girls (in my opinion) are easy:

-Buy us food

-Buy us comfy clothes

-Buy us something that smells yummy

-Buy us something that makes you think of us

Simple, right?

Guys on the other hand like practicality. They will wear, wear, wear, and WEAR their socks with holes in them until they legit fall off their stinky feet. They don't get googly eyes over the cute mugs at TJ Maxx, and they sure as hell don't "accidentally" spend hundreds when all they wanted was a shirt.

They get what they need or they don't get anything at all.

Over the years, I've accumulated a list of successful gifts that I've gotten for different men that play an important role in my life: uncles, brother, dad, fiance, and guy friends. Each gift on my list depends on the guy you're shopping for, but I can almost guarantee that one of the 10 of these items can make a guy you love very happy!

1.) Watch Holder

I've never actually met a guy who didn't enjoy a nice (or cheap) watch. I'm sure there are several, but luckily enough for me I've yet to find one who doesn't. I was presented with the idea by a friend who NAILED IT. Turns out, there are multiple cases you can get to showcase your watches. What guy doesn't enjoy collecting something then showing it off?

The one I ended up going with was in fact a little pricey, but like I said, you can avoid that by going with one that doesn't light up, and have rotating watch display stands. I'm a little extra, what can I say.

Does Amazon ever cease to amaze anyone?


2.) Dewalt Knife

Don't ask me why, but guys apparently feel 10x cooler with a sharp knife in their pocket. Again...don't ask me why, but somehow this knife always seems to come in handy when you need something cut open when you're out and about. It's a win-win for the both of us. Guys get to feel useful, and I don't have to chip my nails trying to get something open-yet again.


3.) Personalized Drinking Mug/Glass

Depending on the company, I find a good (inexpensive) gift to be a personalized mug/glass. It was the perfect gift for my soon to be father-in-law because he is CONSTANTLY losing his drink. All I had to do was get his name put on it (and drink of choice). Luckily for him-and others-he always drinks his own drink now.


4.) Xtreme Xperience

This is one of my favorites and most recent! My fiance LOVES cars-especially really fast cars. This place allows you to book a car and time to ride them around a legit race track in a luxury car of your choosing. For my fiance, I picked out a Ferrari 488. It's a little costly, but pretty worth it for a true car lover!


5.) Wallet Phone Case

This is a life saver for both you and him. If your S.O/Dad/brother-WHOEVER is anything like mine-they lose everything! So why not just combine the two? Now when they lose their phone, they'll find their wallet too! Or they're both just lost forever and in that case I guess it'll suck! So far for me-all good things!


6.) New Beer Subscription

To spice up each month for my fiance, I got him a 6 month subscription to taste a new case of beer each month! He enjoys trying new things, and I enjoy his good mood, so who really wins here? If your guy enjoys unique and different beers, I would definitely recommend giving this subscription a try!


7.) Customize A Tie




My fiance loves ties, and I love me. So why not plaster pictures of my face all of a new tie for him! I guess you could also put your kids or pets on there....I guess.


8.) Hiking Book bag

You don't have to be a hiker to have this kind of book bag. I just found that Hiking Book bags give off more space, they're super practical, are multipurpose, and normally come with their own charging station built into the book bag! My fiance can take it to the gym, work, and camping! I even got my dad one too!


9.) Gym Basket

My brother has been BIG into working out. As a college kid, I get he doesn't have a steady income to always be able to afford pre-workout, protein powder, or even a shaker bottle to drink it in. I decided to combine it all to make a gym basket for him! I filled it full of protein snacks, powder, pre-workout, a shaker bottle, and a gym bag. It was an easy little thing that I knew for sure he'd utilize. You can find these items at your local Walmart or GNC store!

10.) Arlo Cameras

Last, but certainly not least is one I got for both my fiance and father-that they both say is one of their favorite gifts that I've ever purchased! Arlo Video Cameras have helped in various ways.

Company at the door? Check your phone that's linked to your camera outside!

Want to say hi to the dogs? Go for it.

Is the pizza guy downstairs at the door but you are too lazy to run down and check? Arlo will notify you on the movement outside. Yeah, I know, game changer!

They're good for anyone and ANY THING! Unless you have an ultimate goal of being sneaky I guess.


These are 10 Gifts for ALL kind of men! You truly can't go wrong with any of these, but if you do? Keep them for yourself because they're awesome as hell!

Thanks for coming to my "I hate buying men gifts" ted talk!

Hope this helps you like it helped me!

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