10 Gifts For The College Senior Graduating During A Global Pandemic
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Student Life

10 Gifts For The College Senior Graduating During A Global Pandemic

These are sure to brighten up the somber mood for the college grad in your life.


It's truly an extraordinary time for all of us as we navigate through this coronavirus pandemic. But for those that are graduating from college this year, this time might also be filled with grief and bittersweetness for so many. You might be wondering, then, what is one to get for the probably-depressed graduate in your life? Here are 10 suggestions, which could remind your grad both of the normalcy that'll soon come and the joy in your giving spirit.

1. Money

Odyssey DAM

Mr. Krabs from "Spongebob Squarepants" shows his love for money


It's a gift so timeless that it's the best gift for any situation. Or, you just don't know what kind of gift to get your grad. Either way, money always makes a great gift, especially for the college grad who might be feeling anxious about the future financially.

2. Homesick Candles


Candles from Homesick


Homesick candles will literally smell like your hometown or home state. I used to have a couple of these for Chicago and Illinois, and believe me when I say these will bring back nostalgia. Homesick has a range of cities and states to choose from, and they're guaranteed to capture the scents of your fondest memories.

3. Nintendo Switch

Odyssey DAM

A rotating Nintendo Switch console


Nintendo Switch consoles have been in high demand following the release of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" dropped just as quarantine started. Yet the Switch has tons of fun games to play, and its portability makes it even more convenient to have fun on-the-go or with your friends.

4. Rocketbook

Odyssey DAM

A Rocketbook reusable spiral notebook


I love Rocketbooks because they are both ergonomic and a money-saver. I take a lot of notes for school and other activities and with Rocketbook I never need to worry about running out of pages. When I'm out of space, I simply scan my notes to Rocketbook's app to save them, and then I can simply wipe away my notes with a microfiber cloth. It's that easy.

5. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Odyssey DAM

An Amazon Fire TV stick.


Quarantine has tripled our free time, and most of that free time probably compels us all to binge watch more TV shows. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the ideal choice. Not only do you have all of the major streaming channels equipped but you also get seamless access to Prime and Alexa built-in to your remote. It's sleek, affordable and all-around the best stick of its kind.

6. Electric tea kettle

Odyssey DAM

Steeping tea leaves into a cup


If your grad is a tea or coffee lover (maybe both?), an electric tea kettle is a wonderful gift. It can save them money on the gas bill, holds a certain temperature for up to an hour and boils water faster than on the stove. I personally have an electric kettle, and it's honestly such a convenient way for me to enjoy tea and coffee.

7. Zoom University hoodie

Odyssey DAM

People on a conference call online.


We are living through history, so why not get your grad a relic when reflecting on the past. While they might be graduating from an actual university, everyone in the class of 2020 is an alumni of one university: Zoom. This hoodie is a great way to pay homage to a bittersweet moment in their lives.

8. Fujifilm Instax mini camera

Odyssey DAM

A person throwing their Fujifilm Instax mini camera


These instant mini-cameras are great because they give both a convenient way to take old-fashioned photos and add a sentimental tone to all of your memories. They're also easy to manage and take care, only requiring two AA batteries and film cartridges that fit snuggly into the back. It's so easy, anyone can do it!

9. Laptop backpack

Odyssey DAM

A person holding their backpack.


A backpack needs to be as good as anything else that you take the time to look out for. One that fits your laptop, notebooks, papers, pens and maybe a bag of chips. Whatever the case may be, a backpack, especially one that has anti-theft controls like this one, is a great versatile gift for your grad.

10. Amazon gift card

Odyssey DAM

The Amazon logo


If any of these gifts don't seem to fit your grad, then just like cash, an Amazon gift card will do the trick. Amazon virtually has everything, and they have deals and discounts that change out everyday. Indeed, all of these gifts are linked to their site, which is maybe a bit ironic. Either way, you can never go wrong with Amazon.

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