Sometimes during the holidays we struggle on what to get people as a gift.

We get frustrated because the holidays are fast approaching and we still haven't finished shopping. Here are a few ideas when you're really stuck on getting a gift for someone.

1. Candles

Yes, these can be slightly basic and unoriginal as gifts, but for moms, aunts or grandmas, this will certainly make them happy. Who doesn't like candles?

2. Grocery gift certificate

If you have a college student in your life that you're gift shopping for, they will certainly appreciate this.

3. Coffee mug or thermos

For anyone who likes hot drinks, this is a great idea. They can use this everyday and will think of you when they do.

4. Jewelry

A cute necklace or bracelet is a great idea for a friend or family member.

5. Slippers

This is a great idea and you could even do a cute little combination gift with slippers, nail polish and nails files. This is guaranteed to be good for someone who likes to pamper themselves.

6. S'well Water Bottle

These are pretty popular right now and also super cute. This is great for someone who wants to stay in trend

7. Virtual reality headsets

These are really popping up everywhere right now and are also really cool. Depending on where you buy it, the price really ranges. Guaranteed to give anyone a good laugh.

8. Bath bombs

Anyone who enjoys baths will enjoy it a lot more with a nice bath bomb. Not only are they super unique looking when dropped in water, but they also leave your skin feeling extra soft.

9. Winter hat or baseball bat

No matter who you're shopping for, this is a great go to idea. People will definitely use and appreciate this gift.

10. Pajama set

Whether it be a set or even just pajama bottoms, someone will be wearing them and really admire them.