Ahh, midterms. It's like just yesterday syllabi were being handed out and you were sitting in your room watching Netflix without a care. Now you're wearing sweatpants to class with your hair in a bun and coffee in your hand with eyes that look like you haven't slept in weeks. Probably because you haven't.

The time has come, you've been studying every note, every page, every equation that you can in order to pass this test. A lot of times you have no idea what to expect, so you have to know absolutely everything in order to feel at least half-way good about it. So here's a little something to make you happy, stress-free, and ready for midterms.

1. The test will, indeed, include topics that your professor did not go over on the exam

Trust me, it will be there. It won't be from any powerpoint slide and you will be confused.

2. You will sleep-over in the library for at least two out of three days you have exams

Take hold of you pillow tight tonight because it will be the last time you use it for the next week.

3. That classmate that sends a class-wide email asking for the study guide that you worked on for days, claiming they had an emergency and couldn't fill it out.

We know your games Jeremy, we've all been there. Just suck it up and do it yourself.

4. Coffee is Love, Coffee is Life

Coffee will be your best friend on overnighters and early morning exams. Don't you forget that.

5. The amount of scantrons in your backpack right now is ridiculous

So. Many. Scantrons.

6. The amount of times you wrote, "DON'T FORGET A SCANTRON," is also ridiculous

Okay, I have checked at least four times to make sure they are in my backpack. One more won't hurt.

7. The test is handed to you and you have literally no idea what any of the questions are asking

At least I know how to spell my own name.. or do I?

8. Finally, it's over. You can forget everything you know about the 18th century.

You come out of the room feeling defeated, but free. Like you've made it successfully through battle.

9. Back to relaxing and catching up on Gilmore Girls.

19 seasons of SVU? Don't mind if I do!

10. Except for the fact that you have eight projects due in the next two weeks and you have finals to study for

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.