10 Gifs That Perfectly Describe Being A Camp Counselor

I've had the pleasure of being a camp counselor to a group of wonderful middle schoolers. A little bit about the camp: "a week-long summer camp that offers middle-school-aged campers the opportunity to become creators, and not just consumers, of digital media. For almost a decade, CMM has introduced campers to innovative technology that is already related to their interests as consumers of media."

They have been amazing to work with. Here are 10 gifs that describe the life of a camp counselor.

1. Having them fill up your water bottle for you.

2. When kids refuse to work

3. "I promise I'm working."

4. Kids thinking they can talk back to you.

5. The kids questioning your level of authority.

6. When the kids actually make something beautiful.

7. Telling the kids when it's time for lunch.

8. Being totally confused by all the kids' talent.

9. That one camper that tests your patience.

10. When it's the end of the day.

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