10 Forgotten Stars Of March Madness
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10 Forgotten Stars Of March Madness

Legends of the big dance who have been lost in time.

10 Forgotten Stars Of March Madness

The NCAA Tournament is one of the greatest American sporting events. Affectionately known as March Madness, the month-long tournament has helped collegiate athletes become the kings of the sports world. However, not all of them stay there.

When looking back on the history of the NCAA Tournament and how it went from a small time tournament to a national television extravaganza it really is amazing. Every year upsets and buzzer beaters fill viewers with adrenaline as they watch their own brackets go up in flames. March Madness is not just for fans to go crazy for, but several collegiate athletes use the stage to make a name for themselves. Unfortunately, not all of them can stay atop that mountain. Here are 10 March Madness phenoms who you may have forgotten about or never knew about.

10. Anderson Hunt, UNLV

The UNLV Runnin’ Rebels of the early '90s were loaded with talent. They had three players selected in the top 12 of the NBA Draft on one team at a point. However, it was Anderson Hunt on their 1990 National Championship team who conquered the basketball world. In the big game Hunt scored 29 point en route to a dominating 103-73 victory over Duke.

9. Sean May, North Carolina

This Tar Heel big man was an All-American in the 2005 season. What makes him etched in North Carolina history is his pivotal role of guiding UNC to a National Championship in that season. The reason he is forgettable though is because of his lack of an NBA career. May only managed four seasons in the league and by 2010, he was out for good.

8. Lorenzo Charles, NC State

Charles was part of the magical and unforgettable NCAA Tournament run by the Wolfpack in March of 1983. As a six seed they fought their way to play the heavy favorite Houston in the championship game. That Cougar team was lead by future NBA stars Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon. Charles became a hero in that game by making the putback dunk to win the game with no time remaining. However, he is sometimes forgotten due to the fact they were led by coaching legend James Valvano, or as many know, him Jimmy V.

7. Walt Hazzard, UCLA

Hazzard is a legend in Los Angeles, but is less known nationally. What made his time on the Bruins so remarkable was that he was the Final Four MVP on the UCLA team that went undefeated in 1963-64 season. After that, he went on to be the number one overall pick in the 1964 NBA draft and was even named an All-Star. He is forgotten due to the fact that his stardom was during an era when basketball was not as popular as it is today.

6. Pervis Ellison, Louisville

Pervis is another person who should not be forgotten after all he did to help win a Championship. As only a freshman, he took the college basketball world by storm winning the MVP of the 1986 NCAA Tournament. After his one shiny moment, he went on to have a solid collegiate and NBA careers. But he never was the big name he was back in 1986.

5. Bill Bradley, Princeton

Once again, a collegiate star is lost in time. Bradley played during the early 1960s and while competing in the NCAA Tournament he managed to put up a total of 303 points in just nine games. People may not know of him now, but they should since he still in the top ten for scoring all-time in NCAA Tournament history.

4.Jimmer Fredette, BYU

Throughout the 2010-11 season, the Player of the Year taught everyone how to Jimmer. After averaging 28.9 points per game, Jimmer went on to lead the Cougars to the Sweet Sixteen. During his run through March, he put up games of 32, 34, and 32 respectively. The scoring machine is currently looking for an NBA home.

3. Mario Chalmers, Kansas

Remember that time Coach Calipari and Derrick Rose won a National Championship together? Oh, that’s right, Mario Chalmers came to the rescue of the Jayhawks by hitting an off balance three to send the game to overtime. Chalmers did go on to win a couple titles in the NBA as a member of the Heat, but it seemed like he was more punching bag than player on those teams.

2. Luke Hancock, Louisville

This guy seemed to come out of nowhere for the Cardinals. He was a bench player throughout the season, who was not asked to carry too much of the load. However, in the Final Four he went off, scoring 20 in the semifinals and 22 in championship. His senior year he was almost able to recapture the magic, but fell short losing in the Sweet Sixteen.

1. Mateen Cleaves, Michigan State

Cleaves was the name in college basketball for the late '90s. In his career, he was named an All-American three times and Big Ten Player of the Year twice. He capped off his amazing career in epic fashion winning the National Championship and being named Final Four MVP. His NBA career never had similar success as he bounced around to four teams in six years and eventually left the league for good in 2006.

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