There's no bond quite like the one between a girl and her Dad, especially if that girl grew up with a farmer for a Father. Here are 10 things all farmers daughters know to be true.

1. There wasn't time for you to be babied.

You might have been Daddy's Little Girl but that didn't mean you weren't expected to pull your own weight.

2. You were taught the value of a dollar early on.

He always made sure you were well taken care of but he always made you work for it.

3. And you learned quickly not to plan anything during harvest season, planting or hay time.

It might have sucked sometimes but work came before pleasure no matter what.

4. He might as well have been an amateur weatherman.

It seemed like he could just look at the sky and know exactly what was gonna happen that day.

5. His opinions started rubbing off on you.

Where else would my love of old John Deere tractors came from?

6. Guys were automatically a little more intimidated by him.

There's just something about a Dad knowing how to shoot and gun, skin a hide and castrate an animal that struck fear in young guys.

7. Tractor cabs were the best place to catch a nap as a kid.

The hum and bump of the tractor could knock a kid out cold.

8. It seemed like he always knew everyone.

Literally, you can't bring the man anywhere without him running into at least one person he knows, no matter where it is.

9. He was always your biggest fan.

From livestock shows, to FFA contests, running for fair queen or anything in between he was always cheering you on.

10. There was no Dad quite like him.

After all, farmers do make the best Daddy's.

Thank you to all the Farm Dads out there, your daughters will always love you.

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