10 Things All Farmers' Daughters Know To Be True

10 Things All Farmers' Daughters Know To Be True

Mess with the daughter, deal with the farmer.

There's no bond quite like the one between a girl and her Dad, especially if that girl grew up with a farmer for a Father. Here are 10 things all farmers daughters know to be true.

1. There wasn't time for you to be babied.

You might have been Daddy's Little Girl but that didn't mean you weren't expected to pull your own weight.

2. You were taught the value of a dollar early on.

He always made sure you were well taken care of but he always made you work for it.

3. And you learned quickly not to plan anything during harvest season, planting or hay time.

It might have sucked sometimes but work came before pleasure no matter what.

4. He might as well have been an amateur weatherman.

It seemed like he could just look at the sky and know exactly what was gonna happen that day.

5. His opinions started rubbing off on you.

Where else would my love of old John Deere tractors came from?

6. Guys were automatically a little more intimidated by him.

There's just something about a Dad knowing how to shoot and gun, skin a hide and castrate an animal that struck fear in young guys.

7. Tractor cabs were the best place to catch a nap as a kid.

The hum and bump of the tractor could knock a kid out cold.

8. It seemed like he always knew everyone.

Literally, you can't bring the man anywhere without him running into at least one person he knows, no matter where it is.

9. He was always your biggest fan.

From livestock shows, to FFA contests, running for fair queen or anything in between he was always cheering you on.

10. There was no Dad quite like him.

After all, farmers do make the best Daddy's.

Thank you to all the Farm Dads out there, your daughters will always love you.

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A Letter To My Mom Who Also Happens To Be My Best Friend

We all have friends but no friend is as special to us as our mom.

To All The Best Friends:

We all have a best friend or two. Girls have many friends, but there is one friend we can all truly count on. We all know her and hope to be as great a friend as she is one day. She's that friend that's always there. The one you can always count.

This friend will be there at the drop of a hat. This friend will answer no matter what. This friend is your mom. Mom, mommy, momma, mother, or whatever you call her you know she's your best friend. My mom really is my best friend. Some people say that but don't really believe it.

Best friends are the ones we can tell our deepest secrets. The secrets that we trust everyone with. The secrets I tell my mom she usually already knows. When I tell her I'm upset she already knows that too. She is the person who is always the happiest for you.

Ever since I was little my mom has been the first one in the stands and the last one to leave my awards. My mom is there no matter what. Having my mom as a friend means I can count on her, but as my best friend I can always trust her.

Whatever she has to do can wait. Whatever she has going on can go to the back burner. When it comes to an event she's there.

To say I love her is an understatement. She is the best friend I'll ever have. When I'm sick she's there to take care of me even though she is risking getting sick. I've had four different surgeries and countless doctor appointments and she's always there.

My favorite thing about her is that she loves me unconditionally even when I do not deserve it. I don't deserve the love she gives to me but she gives it anyways; that and that alone is why your mom is the best friend you can ever have. Thank you to my mom and all the other moms out there that are our best friends.


The Daughters Who Are Beyond Thankful for You.

Cover Image Credit: Author's photo

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Hey Dad, You Were R-I-G-H-T!

Why all our fights and arguments have lead me to believe that my dad was right after all.

As I hung up the call after another of the many fights my dad and I have had, I could not help but wonder why is it that we fight so much?

I mean, I am not even exaggerating when I say this. My sister and my dad hardly fight. It's like they know the secret peace code that exists between a father and a daughter. Me, on the other hand, well... my dad and I are more at war with each other.

Whether it is in person or over the phone we always have something or the other to argue and fight about!

Be it sports, politics, movie plots, fangirling over TV Shows, or how I am managing life in college and away from home, we never run out of topics to argue over.

So, today as I wonder what all my dad and I can argue over, I can't help but acknowledge the fact that he was right most of the time. (Not all the time!!)

Be it the nights before my math exams when he would yell at me and tell me how "DUMB" I was to make silly mistakes, to him being shocked that I have no doubts before my math exams now, all I can say is, "dad you were right" — practice and more practice is the key to knowing math.

Be it constantly bickering with each other or him yelling at me to do all of his petty household chores, because, let's face it, we are both equally lazy to do anything without any incentive. All I can say to that now is "thank you!" You and Amma not only made me efficient but it also taught me how to look after myself in college.

If I haven't mentioned this earlier, my dad and I are really competitive and love racing each other. We do it in the weirdest of places possibles. We weirdly enough compare one another to see who is the laziest person and have a constant argument about who is the picky eater out of the two of us. (For those of you wondering, it is my dad.) See, my mom and my sister are both super active, love every kind of food, and would never fit into the criteria of "picky." This is just mine and my dad's thing.

Now that I think about it, this relationship has taught me the importance of healthy competition, how to appreciate the small things in life, how to find happiness in the littlest of things, to enjoy whatever I am doing, and more importantly, to always appreciate the people I am with.

While my dad and I may argue about many things, (Yes, there are many additional issues I've not addressed for the benefit of this article.) all I can say is that there is no one else who could replace him.

He is the most humble, grounded, SMART, sarcastic, and sassy role model and superhero a girl could ask for.

We may argue a lot, but ask anyone how similar we are, and the list is endless. Our mannerisms, our laidback attitude, our love for the same genres, even how we look and shop -- it's all the same!

Ask anyone who I look like and the response is mixed. Some people find my resemblance uncanny to that of my mother, and the rest find me a carbon copy of my grandmother (my dad's mother) and my father.

As I end this article, I want to give a huge shoutout to both my parents for being amazing role models and teachers, for teaching me through the smallest of things. And I want to give an even bigger shoutout to my dad for his birthday! I miss you terribly, and love you even more APPA!

(Here's a picture of my dad casually vacationing with his friend in Rome.)

Cover Image Credit: Jyoti Kumar

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