10 Disney Channel Original Movies You Need to Re-Watch

Back in the day, a new Disney Channel Original movie premier meant sitting down with your siblings or friends in front of a bulky television set followed by everyone talking about whether they like it or not the next day in your fifth grade class.

Take yourself back through time and revisit these forgotten DCOMs that can still teach us lessons and are just as good if not better as college students.

10. Model Behavior

Twins who switch places? But they're not even twins.

9. Cadet Kelly

Watch Hilary Duff back when we were listening to her sing Come Clean (but her new song tho: Sparked).

8. Johnny Tsunami

Johnny Kapahala is just trying to board.

7. Alley Cats Strike

How is this even possible?

6. Gotta Kick It Up!

¡Sí, se puede!

5. The Thirteenth Year

"So you think Cody's a mermaid?" "...Merman."

4. Double Teamed

Disney does non-fiction.

3. True Confessions

Easily one of the more heartbreaking Disney Original Movies.

2. Smart House

Everyone wanted a smart house.

1. The Color of Friendship

Could teach us a thing or two about race relations...

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