Top 10 Tips To Survive College As Told By Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide
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Top 10 Tips To Survive College As Told By Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

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Top 10 Tips To Survive College As Told By Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Whether you reign in the royalty of the senior class or are a newbie swimming in a sea of freshmen, college always throws new challenges a student's way. Many academic scholars look to places for advice, but little do they know that the one place that holds all the answers is from a journal... or shall I say guide... from a 2000s Nickelodeon middle school hero. Whether he was taking inspiration from school bullies, insane teachers or gross school lunches, Ned Bigby and his two best friends try to do the impossible by creating a guide to help you survive school.

Tip #353: Make Sure you Know Where all Your Classes Are.

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It is easy to get lost when you don’t know all the ropes, but be sure to plan ahead and get to know your new campus. A college is not only your school, but your new home as well. Create a guide to get you to where you need to go.

Tip #523: Try to Talk to More People and Introduce Yourself to New Friends.

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Take initiative and branch out and talk to new people, even those you never thought you would. Whether it's the popular girl next door like Suzie Crabgrass or even the school rebel like Billy Loomer, each person has their own unique story and something new to offer; don’t judge a book by its cover.

Tip #867: Pick a Pose, Not Your Nose.

Selfies with new friends are the latest trend. Although candids are all the rage, make sure you take one photo that won’t haunt you on any social media in 10 years. Remember, the Internet is forever.

Tip #909: Don’t Get Crushed by a Crush.

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Whether it’s a Bio Bae, a Language Love, or a Communications Crush, emotions do develop between individuals. Beware: Don’t get too caught up in a new romance. Focus on your studies, hangout with friends and always arrange for time to call Mom and Dad back home. After all, there are plenty of fish in the sea...unless you know they are the one (Ned and Moze, yeah I'm looking at you two!)

Tip #125: Focus on the Teaching, Not the Teacher.

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It is easy to blame your instructor for problems that come your way. Rather than finding fault in someone else, better your own attention and dedicate yourself to academics. Sure a certain "Mr. Sweeney" may be a little tough to handle at time, but prove them wrong with what you know. Grades are important, but knowledge is the key to success.

Tip #503: Be Ready for Surprises, Don’t Panic.

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Just like Ned, your stress meter will rise. Whether it’s a pop quiz, your cute new lab partner or the next big Greek life event, keep your cool and go with the flow. Stress is inevitable, just don’t let it overwhelm you. There is always a way to find relief from life's tasks.

Tip #876: Dress Cool and Comfortable, It Doesn’t Matter What Anyone Says.

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College is the time to express yourself through fashion. It’s the only time when you can wear socks and sandals and really get away with it. Whether it’s embracing your best camp counselor, high school jock or inner fashion diva, let your true colors fly...even if it is undercover to get some inside gossip like Cookie did.

Tip 749: Admit You Have a Bad Habit and Get Psyched to Beat It.

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Whether you are spinning a basketball 24/7 like Seth or on a constant search for the school weasel like the school janitor Gordy, spending too many hours of one can be a bad habit for anyone, especially in college. Take this time to go to a campus social event, work on your future summer bod or hit the books at the library. Unlike Coconut Head...don' let life get the best of you.

Tip #244: If You Don’t Like Something, Don’t Complain. Change it.

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Look for ways to create your own path to happiness and success. Rather than asking the lunch lady to look into the beans and have her tell you your future, indulge yourself in passion and excitement as you begin to realize every moment in life is precious. In the wise words of Natasha Beningfield, “Today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten.” Speak up and make a change, you know...unless it involves dorm food.

And last but not least . . . .

Tip #467: Don’t Overeat Those Fart Starters.

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This one speaks—or should I say smells—for itself.

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