10 Blessings That 20 Single Valentine's Days In A Row Hold

10 Blessings That 20 Single Valentine's Days In A Row Hold

To all you single ladies...

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. However, and probably very much counter-intuitively, I have not yet had a "valentine." Nope, every year when February 14th rolls around I find myself buying chocolate for myself (or more accurately: forcing my parents to buy it for me).

However, this has not been as bad of a thing as my 16-year-old self assumed that it was. In fact, being single for two decades of valentines day has taught me some very valuable lessons (though it does sound a bit pathetic when I phrase it like that...)

1. I don't need to worry about buying a gift

Nope, no need for any frenzied amazon prime shipping or mall marathons trying to pick out the perfect gift to display my undying love for my Valentine. I get to save my bank account just one more blow.

2. No need to pretend to like a gift

One of my least favorite feelings in the world is having to fake-like a gift I was given. However, being a #singlelady on valentine's day does save me the stress of the potential fake-excitement at opening up an ugly, but well-intentioned necklace

3. I can get myself whatever type of chocolate that I want

While I haven't met a piece of chocolate that I don't like, there are definitely some that I have a preference for. Since I am buying myself the chocolate, I can pick out whatever type I want

4. Can still convince my parents to buy me a gift

Whether it is out of love or out of pity, I can still manage to get my parents to send me a little something for valentine's day

5. No need to post on Instagram

Instagram posts are always a source of stress for me. Call it "social media anxiety", but I do not enjoy the process of picking out a photo, caption, and waiting for the influx of likes and comments that may or may not come. Thankfully, when you are single, February 14th does not become synonymous with a heartfelt caption and cute photo gracing my feed. And for those like me, that is definitely a good thing

6. Don't need to look nice

There is no fancy dinner or extravagant outing, so I get to be makeup-less and sit in sweatpants the entire day. No one to impress certainly has its perks!

7. Time to do my homework

While this is likely the most unexciting reason in the world, school can be stressful, man! Thankfully, being single means that February 14th was just any old Wednesday, meaning that I did not have to stress about having any time to do my homework between my chariot ride to my fancy dinner and romantic evening with roses lining my bed (can you tell the only valentine's day I've experienced is through movies......).

8. An excuse to eat...A LOT

While I am not a person who gets upset about being single, you likely have no feelings if valentine's day doesn't make you even a little bit lonely...however, if you are as much of a single-on-valentine's-day veteran like myself, you can utilize this as a perfect excuse to shove your face with food as a way of eating away the misery...trust me, it almost works.

9. GALentines Day

Another cheesy reason, but valentine's day single means that you get the time to spend with your friends. Whether it be bawling into popcorn watching the Notebook, or gossiping and doing facemasks, a galentine's day celebration is an amazing way to spend a February 14th.

10. You get to show appreciation to the love of everyone else around you

Being single means that you are not blinded by strictly romantic love on this day. And by no means do I think that everyone in a relationship is...however, being single means that your only focus is showing your family and friends how much you love them on this day. And that is something that we should all do more often.

Ultimately, there are far more perks to a single valentine's day than one may initially assume. While I'm not saying I would be opposed to ending my single streak with lucky number 21 next year, I do believe that there are a few things about a single valentine's day that I will miss when it (eventually, hopefully, everyone please keep your fingers crossed) goes away.

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7 Advantages Of Being Selfishly Single In College

Being single in college is a good thing. Here's why.

Trust me when I say I get it, I've been that one friend with the boyfriend and I've also been the loner friend. I too hate seeing those super lovey couples making out in the hallway like we're back in high school, making us feel lonely yet again.

From going from the girl with the seemingly fantastic relationship to the girl with the great gal pals, I'm here to tell you that I'd take my friends over a guy any day.

1. Truly loving yourself

Being single means you have all the time in the world to start and truly love yourself.I can't stress how important it is. Take advantage of this time to be single and truly start doing things just for you. Go buy yourself that expensive pair of shoes you've been wanting or go get that whole box of pizza and binge watch your favorite Netflix show. Work on being the best version of yourself first and then when it's meant to happen, it will.

2. No Arguments

Remember getting into arguments over the smallest things? Or the times that your significant other would choose everything else over you? Being single at this age is a blessing in disguise because you don't have to deal with all these arguments yet. There's so much less drama and stress involved with being single.

3. Freedom

Yes, college is about picking your future career and furthering your education but it's also about having fun. Many of us go to school to gain our own freedom and figure out who we are so why be tied down to one person telling you when and where you can go? That's what parents are for.

4. Growth

I have a lot of friends who have only ever been with the same guy since high school, where they've either grown together in the relationship or grown apart. College is a place where you're meant to evolve into your true self but it may be hard to do that when you're holding onto who you used to be or not growing at all. You need space to grow into the person you're meant to be.

5. Time with your girls

Having to pick between hanging out with a boyfriend and watching some shows you never even wanted to watch in the first place versus hanging out and laughing with a couple of your closest friends is probably the easiest decision ever. I'd rather laugh and have a good time with my girls, duh.

6. Balance

Balancing life is extremely hard for the majority of us, but being in a fully committed relationship makes it even harder to focus sometimes. It's hard to concentrate on any exam if you're constantly distracted by the relationship. Yes, distractions can be great sometimes but not when it's due to fighting or any sort of unpleasantries.

7. Saving money

This may be last but this is for sure my favorite part of being single, I don't have to feel guilty for spending all my money just on me. Being in a relationship means that you occasionally will want to buy each other gifts and such, but honestly I'd rather spend all my money on me. This is probably the only time in our lives that we can be fully selfish, so I'd rather embrace it and shower myself in gifts.

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Loggin' Off Gotta Blast

Perhaps we could all benefit from some Jimmy Neutron advice.

Who knew that a phrase from an early 2000s TV show for the nerdy kids would become so relevant. A lot of people say “gotta blast” or “loggin' off gotta blast” in everyday conversation these days. I am one of those people. And lately, this phrase has ironically adopted a deeper meaning than it was probably ever supposed to.

“Loggin' off, gotta blast.” Usually, I say this to my friends in response to one of their sarcastic remarks, or when someone has found a way to make me the butt of the joke. It’s almost always in good humor. Not this time.

Lately, I’ve found that “loggin' off, gotta blast” explains how I feel about a wide variety of situations. Including those where I have been blatantly disrespected and used. So this one is for those of you who notoriously put up with too much. You’re allowed to say “loggin' off, gotta blast” to the people who aren’t fully appreciative of you and all of the light you have to give. Not only are you allowed, but it’s going to feel great when you do because you can only give so much light to others before you find yourself stuck in the dark.

Maybe it’s the guy who ghosted you. Maybe it’s the “best friend” who got too busy for you, the ex that still sends you a random 2 am text, the roommate who has never understood the concept of dishwashing or the member of your family that constantly asks why you aren’t doing more.

No matter who you are saying it to, it’s time to say “loggin' off, gotta blast” to anyone in your life who takes more than they give to you. Reciprocation of loyalty, support, and love shouldn’t be too much to ask from those you are closest to.

In a weird way, it seems we have none other than Jimmy Neutron to thank for a phrase that is not only extremely useful to the notoriously sarcastic, but also to those who are tired of being brought down by those they’d do anything for.

Loggin' off, gotta blast, my friends.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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