10 Best Stores to Shop at on Black Friday
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10 Best Stores to Shop at on Black Friday

Check out the top 10 stores to shop at for Black Friday deals.

10 Best Stores to Shop at on Black Friday


In preparation for Black Friday, Aero has already started slashing prices on sweaters, fashion tops and cozy sweatshirts. This is a great store to get basics and essentials at, like jeans, sweatshirts, and scarves. The selection is a little small but worth every penny. With trendy sweatshirts down to $20.00 already, it is guaranteed that prices will go down even more between now and Black Friday.

Old Navy

Old Navy is notoriously known for their amazing sales around Black Friday and the Holiday season, and their $1 flip flops in the summer. Old Navy has comfortable vest, jackets, scarves and hats at affordable prices. Old Navy is the place to go on Black Friday if you’re buying in bulk for yourself or if you’re getting gifts for family. Get plaid flannel pajamas at 40% percent off, and moccasins and fleece blankets at $10.00 dollars.

Forever 21

Get free shipping on all online orders at Forever 21 now for the pre-Black Friday sale. Women's sweaters are as low as $12.00 dollars, fashion tops are as low as $6.00 dollars and sweatshirts are $8.00 dollars. Forever 21 is the go-to store for all things trendy and in style. Get a teddy bear jacket at 10% off, velvet sweatshirts at ½ off and Moto Jackets at $20.00 dollars. Forever 21 has great sales in the women’s and men’s section, along with kids' clothing and accessories.

Red Dress Boutique

The Red Dress Boutique is an online only store but has amazing, stylish clothes that are good quality for a moderate price. Get on the Red Dress Boutique email list and you will get an email every time there is a sale. Jump at the chance to get a quality christmas dress for as low as $15.00 dollars. The best time to shop at Red Dress Boutique is around the holidays, especially Black Friday. They have quality clothes and great sales, especially for members.

H & M

Run, don’t walk. H&M has fashion tops starting at $9.99 and business casual slacks starting at $17.99. Shop at H&M for all of your business casual needs, including blazers, slacks and tops. Get pencil skirts for $12.99 and dresses for $9.99. Take advantage of business casual clothes being the lowest they will be all year.


Target is great for practical clothing like winter coats, wind breakers and jackets. Get a fashionable plaid wool coat for $39.99 or a Faux Leather Moto Jacket for $35.00. Puffer jackets are starting $35.00 and light jackets at $17.00. By the time Black Friday rolls around, these prices will drop by half. Keep an eye out for affordable fashion at Target; they won’t disappoint.

Aerie/American Eagle

Aerie may be one of the best stores for Black Friday shopping; they have great stocking stuffers and bras and undies at ½ price. Get their soft and sexy off-the-shoulder foldover top for $12.47 in grey or burgundy. Get winter hats and accessories starting at $6.49 for everyone in your girl gang. Treat yourself with sleepwear, bras and undies, and pajama shorts for $10.00.

Michael Kors

Hit up Michael Kors for bags and purses at 80% percent off. Black Friday is the time to splurge, and you’ve been saving all year. So treat yourself to a fancy new bag at an affordable price.


Hit up Francesca’s for all of your holiday dresses and sweaters. Francesca’s is great for ponchos, pullovers, wraps and cardigans. They have a rather wide selection of party dresses, including maxi dresses, midis and minis. Shop the clearance section for marked down sweaters and jackets.


Macy’s is the go-to shop for winter boots, bags and coats. Hit up Macy’s for all the marked down essentials, makeup, perfume and jewelry. Shop sale items for friends, family, and significant others.

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