The 10 Best Eminem Songs

The 10 Best Eminem Songs

Spitting lyrics that hit you right where it hurts

One of the most if not the most influential rappers the world has ever seen. Hailing from 8 mile, Detroit the greatest rapper to ever touch the mic, Eminem. Going by many different names Slim Shady, Eminem, and his real name Marshall Mathers. There is no doubt that Eminem has grabbed headlines over the years whether it be his controversial or heart wrenching lyrics one thing can be said, Eminem knows how to get through to this generation. Here is a top ten list of Eminem's songs, this is a personal list and these songs in some shape or form have helped me through this thing we call life.

1. Lose Yourself (Curtain Call)

This song was first heard in the hit movie 8 Mile and was heard by the world soon after. There is just something about this song that will put you right into focus. The song goes through some of the struggles Eminem has been through and tells how you have to lose yourself sometimes and you only really get one shot. This song has an excellent message and will grab you by the throat and will force you to make a change in your life.

2. Stan (Marshall Mathers LP)

If one song could perfectly sum up the thoughts of a fan and his favorite artist this could be it. The lyrics are just so perfectly intertwined and have a way of getting right through you. This is a very well written depressing song that outlined a story, something Eminem is just almost too good at.

3. 'Til I Collapse (The Eminem Show)

One of my favorite songs if not my favorite song of all time. Whether you're down on yourself, need to get out of a slump, or just need that perfect song to listen to at the gym "Til I Collapse" is that one song. No song has had a bigger impact on me, the words just get to you in a way you probably never thought possible. This is no doubt one the best pump up songs ever created. So whether you need a new workout song or you're getting ready for the big game this song is ready to put you in the right mindset.

4. Not Afraid (Recovery)

Eminem's "Not Afraid" is a song that outlines what it's like to be on the outside looking in. The lyricism in this song is mind blowing and the word play is like no other song Em has ever put out. This song teaches you not to be afraid and to face things together instead of alone. You are truly never alone there are other people in the world who have it way worse.

5. Sing For The Moment (The Eminem Show)

A letter to his critics and to the children of America. "Sing for the moment" is lyrically one of Eminem's best songs. This one song silenced tons of critics and reached out to America's youth. The background music in this song is Aerosmith's "Dream On" which only gives this song more power than it already has.

6. The Way I Am (The Marshall Mathers LP)

Eminem describes his struggle to get through everyday life in his hit song "The way I Am". The title of this song describes the entire song. Eminem tells how and why he is the way he is and what got him there. His past made him who he is and this is basically a reach out to his fans and his haters. Stardom got to Eminem and lets just say being famous isn't as glamorous as it is made out to be.

7. The Real Slim Shady (The Marshall Mathers LP)

A song dedicated to the people who think they can be just like the real slim shady. The song has plenty of high points and offensive lyrics which is what makes this song stand above the rest. The lyrics are timed perfectly and you could say that this is the reason why everyone knows who slim shady is.

8. Mockingbird (Encore)

Possibly one of the most heart wrenching songs Eminem has ever created. If you didn't think Em had a soft side listen to this song and then prepare for your opinion to change. This song goes out to his daughter Hailie and the lyrics will make you feel what she felt in all of these situations Eminem raps through.

9. Without Me (The Eminem Show)

A dis track as most would describe this song as. Eminem wants controversy and without him in the game of rap it would just be boring. Eminem has made many enemy's throughout his career and he puts some of them away in this song.

10. White America (The Eminem Show)

Eminem has had nothing short of a star studded career. That doesn't mean he hasn't been criticized and hated for the words he spit. This song goes out to the parents and to the people that thought Eminem was a bad influence on their kids. The government wanted to censor Eminem as he was seen as a threat to American youth. Eminem fires right back and attacks the ears of the government and the parents of Americas youth.

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To Percy Jackson, I Hope You're Well...

Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Heroes of Olympus are both series which helped shape my life. I want to share my love for them here, with you.


Two days before I moved from New Jersey to California, I had a late night at a friend's house. Just a few miles outside of my small town of Morris Plains, his house was out of the way and a safe haven for myself and my mother during a harrowing and strenuous move. My father had been across the country already for almost two months trying to hold down his new job and prove himself. His absence was trying on me (at the tender young age of nine years old) and my mother, and we often spent time at my friend's home, as our mothers got along well.

That night came the time to say goodbye for the very last time, and as our mothers were tearfully embracing at the door, he ran up to me and shoved a book in my hands. Bewildered and confused, I tried to give him my thanks but he was already gone - running away in a childish fit that expressed his hurt at my leaving more than any words he could've said. I looked down at the book in my hands. It was a battered copy of Rick Riordan's "The Lightning Thief," with its binding bulging slightly out in a strange fashion, the cover slightly torn and bent, and quite a few pages dog-eared. The book wasn't in good condition, but I took the time to read it. I was ensnared and enchanted by the lurid descriptions of mythology, of the lovable characters of Percy, Annabeth, and Grover, and the upside-down world they lived in. Over the course of the move and our eventual settling into our new California home, I devoured the series adamantly, reading "The Battle of the Labyrinth" almost five times in the fifth grade and eventually finishing out with "The Last Olympian." The series accompanied me through a difficult move and a whirlwhind of early puberty; by that time, Percy and friends I knew intimately as my own companions. When the series ended, I happily parted with it, and began other literary conquests (namely in the realm of classics).

After an almost year-long break, I re-discovered the series in sixth grade. I hadn't realized that there was a companion series to the first, in fact, a continuation - The Heroes of Olympus. I lapped up "The Lost Hero" and "The Son of Neptune" with greed, and eagerly awaited the arrival of "The Mark of Athena" the following year.

One of my most vivid memories of middle school was sneaking downstairs the morning of the Kindle release of "The Mark of Athena", sneaking past my parents' bedroom as stealthily as I could in the wee hours of the morning to get my kindle and immerse myself in the world. I believe I finished it in about two days. For the next two books in the series, I followed the same pattern: get up early, read it as fast as I could get my hands on it. "The Blood of Olympus", the last book in the series, came out in my freshman year of high school. After finishing the second series, I shelved my much-loved paperbacks for good, and turned myself to other literary pursuits. I eventually relocated to Virginia, and went to college. Percy and friends were almost forgotten until my first year at the University of Virginia.

I was devastatingly alone my first semester at university. I didn't know what to do with myself, entombed by my loneliness. However, at the bottom of my suitcase, I found my old Kindle Paperwhite, with both of Percy's series neatly installed for me. I made a resolution with myself: I would reread both series, reading only at mealtimes where I sat alone. By the time I was finished, I wanted to see where I was compared to when I started.

Re-reading the series was like coming home. It was nostalgia, sadness, and ecstasy wrapped into one. I delighted in revisiting Percy's old haunts, his friends, his challenges. However, it was sad, knowing I had grown up and left them behind while they had stayed the same. It was a riveting memory train which made me look forward to meals, and eased my loneliness at school. Gradually, as the semester progressed, I was reading on Percy's tales less and less, as I found my friends, clubs, and organizations that gradually took up more and more time.

I still haven't finished my re-read, and am about halfway through "The Blood of Olympus". I've come a long way in the almost decade since I first received that tattered copy of "The Lightning Thief", and I still have some ways to go. So thanks, Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Jason, Piper, Reyna, Nico, Frank, Hazel, Leo. Thank you for growing up with me. I'll never forget you.


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