10 Authors You Never Thought Were Attractive
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10 Authors You Never Thought Were Attractive

Beauties among the literary world

10 Authors You Never Thought Were Attractive

There are many famous people out there that society has found quite attractive. Most will focus upon the movie/TV actors and singers with the looks that cause people to faun all over them. But what about the authors of the world? Those who have both brought great literature to the world as well as bless us with their appearance. We don't really imagine that some of these authors possessed beauty along with brains because we have been used to seeing the image of them in their older years. So here are some authors that have both beauty and brains.

1. J.D Salinger

The man that we are accustomed to know as the genius behind Catcher in the Rye. He was a highly secretive man and there are very few pictures of him but the ones that can be found show how attractive he was in his younger years. He had the classic dapper look that many women fell for and many men sought after. Although we know him for being a great author, he was also a soldier in WWII. Can you imagine such a handsome face in a uniform, as well as at a writing desk? A true catch.

2. F. Scott Fitzgerald

The man we all know and love as the author to The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald has been deemed one of the greatest American writers to come from the 20th century and was able to hold the hearts of many people with his writings. He gave promise to the youthful hearts in the Jazz age, as well as showing the despair the young have ever felt. (He's also one of the first to be listed when asked about attractive authors). He is no ol' sport in our eyes.

3. Ernest Hemmingway

You know that guy you mainly know for all his hunting trophies on display in his house? Never thought he was also this handsome fellow, did you? Despite being famous for being a great hunter, he has also written an array of books that ranged from The Old Man and the Sea to A Farewell to Arms. Just like Salinger he served for his country and became a wonderful writer that has shaped the literature world. Beauty, brains and brawn were all a part of this not so old man by the sea.

4. Daphne du Maurier

A woman full of grace and artistic ability, a romantic novelist with a dark side. Du Maurier is famously known for her works Rebecca and Jamaica Inn, but she also wrote pieces that Alfred Hitchcock made into movies. Remember the iconic Hitchcock thriller, Birds? That would be this beaut's doing. So you can thank her for giving you a slight fear of flying animals. All of her works will haunt your very soul, whether it is by fear or heartbreak, for the rest your days.

5. John Steinbeck

Another dapper man for the literary books. The author of Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men was never thought to be this cute until you looked him up. I knew in my mind that I never thought Steinbeck was as handsome as he was. He shaped the literary world just as much as anyone on this list. We can thank him for covering themes of injustice and the downtrodden man; teaching us what we needed to know about the man being treated unfairly while we faced our own unfairness while reading his works in high school. But we can also thank him for blessing the world with his dashing looks.

6. Osamu Dazai

A man that wasn't entirely famous within the United States but was among his home country, Japan. Setting Sun and No Longer Human are two of his great writings that have been translated to English. Although they may be sad and portray fictionally of what he experienced in life, they will forever touch the hearts of his writers. If you do decided to read them, make sure to take breaks and find some happy times; they touch the mind and soul in such ways that can cause great pain. Such a beautiful yet tragic being.

7. Jack Kerouac

No this is not James Dean. This is the great Jack Kerouac, a heartthrob among contemporary writers. A man that was part of the Beat movement truly became an iconoclast within the literary world. He is famously known for On the Road but he has also been known for his dashingly good looks. Just like Fitzgerald, he is one of the first to be given as an answer to the question of attractive authors. Although he seems perfect among the looks and in the artistic department, his great flaw was being considered not a fully sane person. A shame? Not entirely because that can be looked passed.

8. Toni Morrison

If you haven't read anything by this beauty, you are truly missing out. I wouldn't even know where to begin to tell where you what book you should read by her; Bluest Eye, Sula, Beloved, and Song of Solomon. Just pick one of these books by here and you'll never regret it. Also, the wonderful Toni Morrison is still alive and being a beautiful soul among this earth. She has aged like a fine wine.

9. C.S. Lewis

Oh yeah, you never thought the man who gave us The Chronicles of Narnia was this cute, did you? Lewis has helped make our childhoods great because of the great gift of Narnia. His academics spread far and wide in such a way that even his brains have been deemed just as attractive as his looks. He was friends with Tolkien, so imagine all of the great things that were discussed when they go together. Seriously, look them both up and see the wonders that were their brains. With that aside, Lewis was just as handsome as he was smart; who knew?

10. Alice Walker

The woman that we all know and love as the creator of The Color Purple. Another author that has not passed this world, but has aged delightfully. She has fought against racist cultures and brought to light why society must steer clear of being that way in the future. Walker has taught the world a lot and continues to teach it. And she is one of the most beautiful women that has ever graced this earth.

So there you have it, ten wonderful authors that have not only graced the world with their iconic pieces of literature but also their looks. Many you would never expect to be that beautiful but give you insight that literature masters can be just as attractive as actors or singers.

I also encourage you to check out the works these beauts have published.

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