Poetry on Odyssey

It's 1:19 am and my lips taste like yours.

I know the alcohol doesn't numb the pain

But it makes it easier to bite my tongue.

Because if I didn't, I would tell you these things;

Things I keep hidden in the back of my closet

With all the skeletons and tombstones from 'us'.

Things like how I am the universe.

And you took the time to count the 100 billion stars

That scattered my body from head to toe.

You connected the dots until constellations formed

And you named them after me.

I'll tell you that when I look at you...

I see the person that hung the stars in the sky,

And I think to myself,

Maybe you actually did.

I'd call you and ask you to come over and I'd

Open my doors for you and pull down my sheets.

You'd hear the stories my bed has to tell about me

And the secrets my curtains keep behind my back.

You'd see my laundry basket overflowing with mistakes,

The main one being


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