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13 Questions I Still Have After Season 2 Of '13 Reasons Why'

Season 2 did not disappoint and with the confirmation of a season 3 coming in 2019, here are 13 questions that still remain.

13 Questions I Still Have After Season 2 Of '13 Reasons Why'

"13 Reasons Why" has captivated audiences and has started a conversation about not only suicide, but also real issues people face every single day like sexual assault, the unfairness of the justice system, gun violence, bullying, LGBTQ topics, poverty, the opioid epidemic, and more. Season 2 did not disappoint and with the confirmation of a season 3 coming in 2019, here are thirteen questions that still remain:

*WARNING, this article does contain spoilers for season 2.

Is Marcus still going to Harvard?

Marcus Cole is definitely not everyone's favorite character (and rightfully so). However, once he was blackmailed by Tyler to call out Bryce as a rapist in front of everyone at the opening of the school's new baseball field, he was suspended for a week. Marcus gave into the blackmail in the first place to keep a racy video of him in the clubhouse from surfacing and getting Harvard's attention. However, he ended up getting suspended at the expense of the video not getting out. Did Harvard rescind Marcus' acceptance because of the suspension? What happened to Marcus?

Will Seth find (and possibly kill) Justin?

We later learn in the finale after Justin's arrest that Justin finally convinced his mom to leave the abusive drug addict Seth and move away from him. Things seem to finally be looking up for Justin after the Jensen family fought for him and ultimately decided to welcome him into their family. However, during Hannah's wake, we catch a glimpse of Seth outside the restaurant looking angry and out for revenge on Justin for taking his money. Justin has come so far and Seth has damaged him so much already. It would be a huge tragedy if Seth hurt Justin in the future.

Is Hannah's mom going to be okay?

After losing the case, being in the middle of a divorce, and closing the store, Mrs. Baker must be in some financial trouble. We learn that she is moving to New York in honor of Hannah (that was her dream). It is unknown if Mrs. Baker will be in season 3 or if viewers will just assume that she moves to New York and lives a better life.

Is Mr. Porter doing okay?

Not surprisingly, Mr. Porter gets fired in season 2 but is that the end of his story? It is also unknown if he will be in season 3. However, a good deal of time was spent on his storyline and he really tried to do the right thing during season 2 so hopefully, he will be incorporated into season 3 somehow.

How will Bryce factor into season 3 if he is transferring?

Bryce's wealth and excellent legal team got him only three months of probation for Jessica's rape. Much of season 1 and 2 were spent trying to bring Bryce to justice for his multiple rapes. However, Bryce is transferring schools for next year. How will he really be a major player in the show if he is leaving and will not be walking the halls at Liberty every single day? A lot of people have bad blood with him and it seems unlikely that he will never commit sexual assault again so, his story will probably continue somehow.

What is Chloe going to do (about everything)?

We learn in the season 2 finale that Chloe is pregnant (most likely with Bryce's child). What is she going to do about it? It seems unlikely that Bryce will want to help her or be thrilled with the idea. Are the two of them still even still together (especially since he is transferring)? Also, even though she ended up saying that Bryce never raped her during the Baker's trial, will she ever go after him for raping her (especially if she still has the polaroids of the event)? Now that Bryce will not be at Liberty High anymore, Chloe may have less to be afraid of if she goes after Bryce (for rape or even child support).

What is going to happen to Tyler?

A whole lot of time was devoted to Tyler's storyline this season and you just knew something was going to go down. Tyler committing a violent gun act seemed somewhat likely, but the sexual assault that led to his decision to do it was pretty shocking. Clay and Tony prevent him from actually going through with it and Tony drives Tyler away from the scene. What is going to happen to Tyler now? Is he going to hide out somewhere or face the music? Could he still be arrested for some kind of conspiracy to commit murder? Also, will he ever report the attack and sexual assault by Monty and his two buddies?

What is going to happen to Tony? Will he go to jail?

As for Tony, he is on probation and if he gets caught helping Tyler escape, that will be his third strike and he will probably go to jail. Tony always tries to do the right thing and no one wants to see him go to jail. A lot is at stake for him and things finally seemed to be looking up for him before he helped Tyler escape.

Is Monty going to get away with everything?

Viewers learn in season 2 that Monty is a real monster. Although he has a troubled home life (which includes abuse), his actions are inexcusable. We learn that he saw Bryce raping Hannah and did nothing, he threatened (and almost killed Clay) several witnesses who testified in the trial in an attempt to get them to keep quiet about Bryce, and worst of all (even after Bryce tells him not to do anything else), he violently attacks and sexually assaults Tyler with two other jocks at school. Is he going to get away with it all? It looks like he will get away with him witnessing Bryce's rape but everything else is uncertain.

The police (including Alex's father, who was pretty angry that he gave his recovering son a gun) questioned Monty in the police station about the threats he made, but he denied everything and clearly was not arrested because he goes on to assault Tyler. It does not seem like Tyler has told anyone about what Monty did to him, but will he tell someone in season 3? If he does, will anyone believe him?

Why did Nina steal and burn the polaroids?

So, Jessica's mysterious friend who is a fellow rape victim was the one who stole the polaroids from Clay. Why in the world did she do that? The polaroids were the only physical proof of some of the sexual assaults that occurred in the clubhouse. They also proved that these crimes happened on school property for years. Did she save any of the polaroids? It seems that there is a lot more to Nina's story that may come out in season 3.

Is Clay going to take the fall for Tyler?

Clay heroically prevented Tyler from committing a mass shooting at the school dance. Once Tony drives Tyler away, Clay is left standing outside of the school holding Tyler's gun as police sirens approach. Will Clay be arrested? Will he take the fall for Tyler? Everyone loves Clay and he probably saved countless lives, so viewers would hate to see him go to jail for something he did not do.

What will happen in the Jessica, Alex, and Justin love triangle?

Even after suspicions that Alex might be gay or bisexual and that Jessica claims that she is not ready to date anyone, Alex and Jessica are dating at the end of season 2. Then during the finale, Jessica and her ex Justin hook up again. We all know that Justin has been totally hung up on Jessica and that the two of them getting together again was possible, but it is terrible that it happened while Jessica was in a relationship with Alex. If Alex finds out, it could destroy him, which would be devastating after the progress he has made since his suicide attempt. This is going to be a tough storyline in season 3.

Will Skye make a return to the series?

Although Skye and Clay said their goodbyes when she told Clay that she was moving to another state, is Skye's story really over? It seems like it is, but considering the large amount of screen time she got during season 2 and how much Clay cared for her, it could be possible that she returns in season 3. It will also be interesting to see if she has made a recovery and has found the right combination of medications or not.

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