We have one planet earth. Just one. Before I dive into this, let's just clear that little confusion up because there are people who live life as if we have an infinite supply of planet earths.

We as humans are in a very dangerous spot right now. Our planet is dying. Climates are changing, ecosystems are shutting down, and species are disappearing. It won't be long before humanity is on that endangered list we make a habit of turning blind eye to.

I won't sit here and argue with you on whether climate change exists while we sit in our air-conditioned houses, driving our gas guzzling cars, going on producing waste. Temperatures are rising and the changes in our environment are starting to get extreme.

We all have changes to make in our daily lives. I'm included in this. I'm not a totally green, conserving bean sitting here writing this. I'm a person who wants to make changes and save our home.

We love our comforts and we love having everything we want and throwing away everything we don't want, but we can't continue on like this.

People are getting angry that some states are charging for plastic bags and showing irritation that some restaurants make you ask for a straw now.

Tell me, do you get just as angry and irritated when you see a sea turtle with a straw shoved up its nostril? Or when a bird is tangled up in one of those plastic bags you can't seem to live without after you discarded it?

I'm assuming not.

One single person can't make enough change to make the difference to turn things around but if we all made those changes, a huge change could start to occur. We aren't the only ones that need to change. Businesses and big corporations need to make the change more than us as they produce more waste than we do.

And the U.S. isn't even the worst country. But if we don't start making these changes, then how are we supposed to set the example for other countries or those big corporations? You can live without plastic bags and straws. You can carpool, you can grow your own vegetables and fruits in your backyard, you can conserve.

Introduce these habits into your life and make them a routine thing. Bring reusable bags to the store, start a vegetable garden in your backyard, carpool, bike ride, use public transport, conserve water, go organic, plant wildflowers for the bees, DO SOMETHING.

You can roll your eyes and say all of this is a myth and go on ignoring it. It's not a myth, I promise you. You say it's not even our fault. You're right. Our generation didn't create this problem, but does that mean we can't fix it or should let someone else fix it? NO!

I'd like to live on a healthy planet and leave a healthy planet for my kids. And I'd really like it if your ignorance didn't get in the way of that.

Wake up, open your eyes, and see what's happening. Our time is running out.