Different people have different perspectives for every imaginable topic, and zodiac signs are no exception. Below two different opinions about astrological signs are explained. Which do you support? Tell us in the comments below!

Yes, Zodiac Signs Definitely Mean Something

Astrology is more than just little blurbs about daily horoscopes in magazines. It’s the study of celestial bodies and how they influence lives in a metaphysical sense (i.e. personality or luck). Before psychology came to be, astrology was used as a way of understanding people’s personalities and for individuals to gain insight into themselves. And so it’s no wonder why, in a world obsessed with personality quizzes and tests, astrology is more popular than ever. If Myers-Briggs Type Indicators and DISC personality tests are credible, don’t zodiac signs have just as much validity? Of course, the distinction between a personality test and a natal chart is that a personality test doesn’t take into account external factors, such as where you grew up or, in the case of astrology, the position of the Sun at the time you were born. But is it so crazy to assume that the position of a celestial body could affect you? After all, we are incredibly influenced by our environment. On rainy days, we feel under the weather and lethargic. On hot, humid days, people tend to have a quick temper. The weather is a physical phenomenon that impacts our mood, and in a similar way celestial movements are physical phenomena that impact our personalities.

Besides, in astrology, you aren’t limited by your sun sign. Most of the time, if you ask someone their sign, they tell you their sun sign, because it’s easiest to find out since it’s based on the day you were born. But that sun sign says nothing about the rest of your natal chart. In astrology, you are a puzzle made of a bunch of different pieces: a sun sign, a moon sign, a venus, etc. And, although there are a certain number of pieces, the pictures on each piece are different, resulting in a unique combination that creates the unique picture of that individual. For example, if you are an Aries but your moon sign is Scorpio, you may be more cautious about what you say. The signs work in conjunction with one another and operate over different aspects of your personality. This principle explains why someone may be aggressive in business but shy in love.

But, even if you don’t believe in the metaphysical, just looking at your natal chart and assessing all the personality traits to see how much they really fit is a way to better understand yourself. Do you always need to be first? Are you too impulsive? Or you could even ask those questions about someone else. if your Libra friend is spreading herself too thin, is it because she’s really trying to please everyone? By making us ask these questions, zodiac signs provide us with insight into both ourselves and others.

No, Zodiac Signs Don’t Mean Much

However, zodiac signs should not be our universal go-to when trying to understand ourselves or others. There are billions of people on this Earth, and hundreds of thousands of Leos, Libras, Virgos, Geminis, etcetera. Within each of the twelve zodiac signs, there are bound to be differences (just like there are bound to be similarities). If the world were to strictly categorize people based on their personality traits and the position of a celestial body at the time of birth, the findings would not completely be the same. Some people born under the Aquarius sign may be humanitarians and philanthropists, but not all Aquarians share these traits. Not all Virgos are picky and detail-orientated. Some Scorpios may be wild, but the extent of that wildness in each Scorpio may be different, if it’s there at all. Have you ever taken a personality test and been disappointed by the description once the test was over? That’s because we are not all alike, even if we are connected by the time frame of our birth. It is impossible to make an accurate assumption about someone based on the positioning of a celestial body at the time of their birth.

A person’s personality does not remain steady over their entire life. Personality traits develop over time by the events and situations a person has to face. It is said that Aquarians “feel good in a group or a community, so they constantly strive to be surrounded by other people,” but over time, if relationships are rocky and dramatic, Aquarians may prefer being alone rather than being with others. Zodiac signs do not determine who we are, or who we can be, as people. You will find people who happen to be strong in areas that are “weaknesses” for their zodiac sign. While you may find truths in your zodiac sign descriptions, they may just be coincidental. Zodiac signs do not mean much, but that doesn’t mean they’re not fun to look at once in awhile.