See what Beatles song best fits your zodiac sign:

Aries: For No One

The Aries crowd knows how to go against the crowd. They are fiercely independent and love leadership. This Beatles song is you, Aries! Even in the face of adversity or heartbreak, you pick yourself up because you don't need no man, or woman! Go at your own pace, namely to the beat of your own drum.

Taurus: Long and Winding Road

You keep on keeping on, bull! Your perseverance is so strong, that you are "Long and Winding Road". Even when all odds are stacked against you, you draw from your inner strength and keep on walking that road- no matter how long. Your patience, independence and down to earth nature only increase that calm strength.

Gemini: Hello, Goodbye

Twin, you know about duality more than anyone on this list! You have depth and complexity to your personality that others might see as two different moods. The amount of parallelism will resonate with you.

Cancer: Don't Let Me Down

With you, Cancer, they'll never have to worry! You are one of the most loyal, genuine signs. Combined with your intutitve nature, insane intelligence and creativity- people are drawn to you. Don't forget to put yourself first, but continue to *not* let them down!

Leo: Here Comes the Sun

Your optimism and charisma makes this your perfect song! People like leaders who can focus on the positive and get them through those "long, cold lonely winters". Let them hear you roar as the clouds roll back and reveal that sun you'll lead them to!

Virgo: Hey Jude

Libra: We Can Work It Out

You are a diplomat, Libra, and you love balance! This makes you a great mediator. You would relate to this song. Your sense of self-worth and fairness shows up in the line "we can get it straight or say goodnight". No hard feelings, you're too charming for that, but you won't beat a dead horse.

Virgo: Blackbird

You are bold and intense, some people might mistake this for darkness. We know that your traits make you beautiful, Virgo! You intensity helps you overcome obstacles, and you take your broken wings and learn to fly everytime.

Sagittarius: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Sagittarius squad, you are a creative and whimsical bunch! You utilize these qualities to solve problems and help your friends in ways other people just can't see. You love freedom and exploration, and this song will reflect that!

Capricorn: Hard Day's Night

You're a busy bee, Cap! You have such beautiful drive and ambition. You also are loyal and love your close friends and family, sometimes working with them in mind. You will definitely relate to this song, give it a listen!

Aquarius: Imagine

As an air sign, you might think this is your song becuase your "head is in the clouds". While, yes, you have a wonderful imagination, you also work hard (And quietly!) towards humanitarian efforts. This song will appeal to your penchant for finding "off beat" solutions to problems facing our society today. Keep following the beat of your own drum and being the good of mankind! (Yes, this is a John Lennon song, but it was too perfect not to include).

Pisces: Let it Be

As a water sign, you do have a knack for going with the flow in a way that helps you to evolve. You also have a rep for being a mystic, making Mother Mary's words of wisdom apply to you! Channel that spiritual intuition while you listening to this beautiful piece!