If Zodiac Signs Were Characters From Les Misérables

Ah, Les Miserables. The classic musical from 2012 that broke all of our hearts. From Marius and Cosette's love story, to Jean Valjean's constant dedication to Fantine and Cosette, to Javert's bakground - the entire movie just broke my heart in pieces. Can I stop watching it? No. Never. The musical is a one of a kind, and the characters in the musical are so diverse and originial - each one with it's own personality. With a ton of characters to choose from, as well as each having his or her own distinct characteristics, each one could easily fit a different zodiac sign's personality traits. Which zodiac sign would match what character, you might ask? Well - let me tell you.

1. Aries - Marius Pontmercy

Aries have a strong personality and tend to become the leader in situations. During the failed July Revolution o f 1832, Marius steps up and starts to lead. However, Aries have trouble seeing other problems besides their own. Marius becomes distracted from the Revolution when he first sets eyes on Cosette. Marius acts before he thinks, and this can get him (And any Aries) in trouble.

2. Taurus - Inspector Javert

Taurus have persistence. Once they set their eyes on something, they refuse to give up. When Jean Valjean didn't show up after being released from prison, Javert hunted him down. Once Javert thought that the mayor wasn't who he said he was, Javert started doing his own investigation. Once he actually found out the mayor was Jean Valjean (24601), Javert continued to hunt him down for the rest of his life. Javert shares persistence and stubbornness with taurus.

3. Gemini - Thènardier

Geminis are charmers and require to be the center of attention in any crowd - just like Thènardier does in his little town with the inn. Geminis and Thènardier are extreme charmers, and can usually talk their ways through just about anything.

4. Cancer - Fantine

Cancers really care about friends and family, and will do anything for them. When Fantine loses her job, she begins prostitution to send money for Cosette. She tries to avoid confrontation in her old job and She sells her hair and teeth just to raise enought money for her. When Valjean finds her, she still holds a grudge over him for letting her get fired.

5. Leo - Gavroche

Leos and Gavroche are enthusiastic and faithful. Even though Gavroche is just a child, he fights with his brothers and even risks his life for them. With his charm and charisma, Gavroche is loved by everyone and tries his best to make everyone around him happy.

6. Virgo - Eponine

Eponine, like Virgo, tries to be useful to the ones around them and shy away from the spotlight. Eponine is extremely picky, and only wants Marius. However, Eponine helps Marius find Cosette when he falls in love with her. Eponine also disguises as a man to serve with the others in the barricade.

7. Libra - Madam Thènardier

Libras are balancers of harmony and justice. Madam Thènardier is best paired with Thènardier and helps balance him with the good in the world.

8. Scorpio - Jean Valjean

Jean Valjean is a passionate and determined man. He would do anything for Cosette and even went as far as to rescue Marius from the sewers for her and him to be together. Jean lives his life the way he wants to live it, not the way anyone else does - especially Javert.

9. Sagittarius - Enjolras

Enjolras is a freedom-loving, optimistic man who doesn't give anyone any crap. He tells Marius that no one cares about his love life and that Marius needs to focus on the larger goal. He focuses on the greater outcome of the whole group and doesn't give two shits about any personal problems (Enjolras fans - unite).

10. Capricorn - The Bishop

The Bishop is a practical and disciplined man. Although Jean Valjean does him wrong and robs him in the middle of the night, the Bishop frees Valjean and gives his soul to God. He is a humble man and stays close to home.

11. Aquarius - Courfeyrac

Courfeyrac is part of the trinity of guys in the barricade. He is emotionally unattached and only cares about one thing - the rebellion. Courfeyrac wants to make the world a better place for everyone.

12. Pisces - Cosette

Cosette is a sensitive and compassionate woman who is ruled by her feelings. She spends her whole life soul searching and tends to go with whatever direction life takes her.

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