The Resolution You're Secretly Holding Onto This New Year, According To Your Zodiac Sign
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The Resolution You're Secretly Holding Onto This New Year, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Let the stars do the work.

The Resolution You're Secretly Holding Onto This New Year, According To Your Zodiac Sign

New year, new you. There's never a bad time to reinvent yourself. Of course, the reinvention that a Pisces is interested in is far different than the reinvention a Gemini is interested in. Every sign has its own priorities and therefore, its own resolutions. If you're tired of searching for the perfect goal to enter the new decade in, search no further and let the stars do the work.

Aries: Be more patient


The Aries is the red, passionately fierce Fire sign we all need in our lives. But the passion can quickly turn to impulsivity and in patience. While a little bit of these qualities keep things exciting, too much can cause chaos. An Aries will go into 2020 aiming to be more patient of a person.

Taurus: Be more open-minded


The Taurus in your life is a grounded Earth sign that knows who and what they are. But this groundedness can come off as being stubborn and uncompromising. To the Taurus, this is reasonable; why would they compromise on something integral to who they are? But in 2020, a Taurus will resolve to be a more open-minded person and be more willing to hear the other side.

Gemini: Be more confident in their choices


The Gemini is known for being indecisive and inconsistent. Some might say this is more of a strength in that they're adaptable and flexible. But this indecisiveness can hurt both the Gemini and those around them and create for an exhausting experience. A Gemini will start the new year working toward becoming more confident in their choices and not falling back on faltering.

Cancer: Be more in control of emotions


The Cancer is a sign of sensitivity and imagination. While these are extremely valuable qualities, sometimes, as a Cancer, it can feel like your emotions are controlling you. This can lead to a lot of difficulty in thinking and acting rationally and keeping the peace in your relationships. A Cancer will enter 2020 just as in tune with their emotions, but working toward being in control of their impact on their life.

Leo: Give more to others


The Leo thrives on drama and creativity. Every day is like a new act in a show, and starting a new decade is no different. But this drama can sometimes lead others to think of this Fire sign as starring in their own one-man show. In 2020, a Leo will resolve to practice putting others before themselves and being more selfless.

Virgo: Worry less


The Virgo is a sharp and organized go-getter. But sometimes this organization can lend itself to being constantly stressed out that things aren't as perfect as they should be. In the new year, a Virgo will aim to worry less about things going perfectly as planned and learn to go with the flow.

Libra: Learn to say no


The Libra is all about harmony and giving to others. While this is one of the greatest virtues an individual can have, too much can lead to the Air sign spreading itself too thin and being left with nothing for themselves. A Libra will start off 2020 with a goal in mind to start saying no more often and practice putting themselves first.

Scorpio: Be more trusting


The Scorpio is a smart and intuitive Water sign that is protectiveness of their space and the space of those close to them. But while this protectiveness comes from a good place, it can sometimes lead to losing out on quality relationships and experiences. In 2020, a Scorpio will work to quiet some of their more suspicious tendencies and work toward being more trusting and expanding relationships as a result.

Sagittarius: Be more grounded


The Sagittarius is a curious and energetic sign that likes to bounce from idea to idea until they find something that sticks. This energy is one of their most enchanting qualities. However, when taken a little too far, the Sagittarius has difficulty returning to their roots and finding meaning within their life. For this reason, a Sagittarius aims to start the new year with a new sense of purpose and something to ground them.

 Capricorn: Be more humble


The Capricorn is the older and wiser sibling of the Zodiac. Having the responsibility and discipline that many lack, the Capricorn is a natural leader. But this strength can sometimes lend itself to a weakness and allows the Capricorn to come off as a know-it-all. In the new year, a Capricorn will practice humility and learn that not knowing everything doesn't take away from their wisdom.

 Aquarius: Express emotions more openly


The Aquarius is the cool as a cuke Air sign that walks to the beat of their own drum and isn't afraid to ruffle some feathers while they do it. But one thing they are afraid of is expressing their emotions. An Aquarius will start the new decade off right by aiming to share their feelings with others in a healthy way and receive the feelings of others, as well.

 Pisces: Be more present


The Pisces is the compassionate and intuitive sign that feels a lot of things at all times. But this emotional capacity can sometimes be too much for the Water sign to bear and encourages the Pisces to search for an escape from reality. While the escape may work momentarily, it always comes back to bite the Pisces in the end. For this reason, a Pisces will enter 2020 working to be more present and less on an escape artist.

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