I'm Tired of the "Threat": "You've Just Lost a Customer!"
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I'm Tired of the "Threat": "You've Just Lost a Customer!"

I "lost a customer" at my work over the most stupid reason

I'm Tired of the "Threat": "You've Just Lost a Customer!"
Alvaro Serrano

Over the summer I worked the front desk at a Super 8 motel. Of course, working the front desk of any motel you see a lot of people. I've seen everything from construction workers, to other business men, and the regular people just traveling through.

Now, most people are pleasant enough, but there is that one person out there who thinks they run the world. We all know these people. Often memed with the "mom hair" or the "let me speak with your manager" look. Luckily no one has met those stereotypes exactly but I have dealt with the "You've lost a customer" people.

Let me tell this to everyone: No big business truly cares that they have lost a customer. Most companies have hundreds of customers; loosing one isn't going to hurt them. Using the line "I guess I no longer stay at Super 8" (true story, I'll tell it in a minute) just means that us employs don't have to deal with your rudeness.

On to my story. In order for you all to fully understand I have to give you a brief layout of the front desk/office/breakfast area. The motel I worked at is not big at all, and is located on a hill in front of a Walmart. You have to pass Walmart in order to get to the Super 8. We have three tables in our breakfast area, and that takes up most of the space. The front desk has two doors behind it, one to the laundry room and the other to the living space of my managers. There is an employee bathroom in the laundry room.

The bathroom is important in this case, because a lot of times people will stop in and ask if we have a restroom. The answer is: no, not a public bathroom. Most times they smile, say thank you; and I suggest going to Walmart. Not in this particular case. This guy came in looking for a restroom. The dialogue went as follows:

"Hello, sir. How are you?" - me

"Do you have a bathroom?" - guest

"I'm sorry sir we do not have a public bathroom." - me

"Even though I stay at Super 8's?" - him (he looked highly offended)

"I'm sorry, sir. The only bathroom we have is back in the office and that isn't available for public use." - me (trying to keep my cool)

"Well I guess I no longer stay at Super 8's!" - him (leaving angrily)

Here's what I don't understand. You know you needed a bathroom, so you pass a Walmart which you KNOW has bathrooms available, to come to a Super 8 and cut off your business with the entire company over a non-public bathroom.

Like what?

Large businesses don't care if "you'll be taking your business elsewhere". Corporations have hundreds of thousands of customers both daily and online. Threatening a manager with no longer being a customer isn't a good threat. I'm sorry to all those who use it. It just means that that business no longer has to deal; with your rude self.

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