YouTubers To Watch During Pride Month

These ladies do it best:

1. Hannah Hart

Hannah and her fiance Ella Mielniczenko are the cutest. And her pride-themed "My Drunk Kitchen" specials are just the icing on the cake!

2. Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid has been proudly out as a lesbian for about four years! She is currently partnering with It Gets Better for #TheirStory Pride campaign, and raising money for It Gets Better as well.

3. Georgia Bridgers

Bisexual Georgia Bridgers has such a quirky, bubbly personality. And her passion for electronic media shows through in her videos! She is partnering with Spencer's as well this month!

4. Shannon Beveridge

Shannon is an out and proud lesbian who is doing big things, alongside her girlfriend, Cari Fletcher. Shannon is featured in H & M's Pride Collection this year!

5. Rose & Rosie

These two women are just adorable. They're Britain, and they're married!

6. Keara Graves

Keara is an actress from Canada, and posts a lot of great videos about the life of a queer lady! Check her out!

7. Julia Cates

Julia lives in Chicago and is dating Amanda Taz! These two ladies are fashionable, quirky and always up to fun things.

8. Amanda Taz

Amanda studied film in college, and is a big fan of movies and musicals. She is dating Julia Cates, and is the "edginess" to Julia's "softness." I love her!

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