5 Truths Every Oldest Sibling Knows All Too Well

5 Truths Every Oldest Sibling Knows All Too Well

It may not be fair, but it gets easier!

When you are the oldest sibling, you may think you've had it easy until your siblings get older. They will always have it easier, win your parents heart, but at the end of the day, you set the example and are the role model that will be rewarded in the end.

1. Your siblings have it easier than you did

2. Your parents blame you for any situation since “you’re the oldest”

No matter whose fault it really is, it will always be the oldest child’s fault. Parents think because you are the oldest, you are the most responsible, so you should control the younger siblings. Well, the truth is, your siblings don’t always listen to the older sibling because they are not the “parents”.

3. You are the first to complete any life milestone

You pave the way for your siblings, good or bad, so they will always learn from what you did and can adjust. You are the first to face obstacles and it's hard to do that. By paving the way and by not knowing how you accomplished something, you set an example for the younger ones which is something to be admired!

4. You are very protective of your siblings

You can mess with me, but you cannot mess with my siblings! This is an oldest child’s motto when it comes to protecting your siblings. Being older, you can intimidate younger kids who are bullying your siblings. If anyone makes fun of them or bullies them beside you, it’s GAME OVER.

5. You fight constantly but love them forever

Sharing clothes, cars, money, or anything else, you are constantly arguing. As the oldest sibling you kind of let the younger sibling get what they want because you’re older now and don’t really care. You have more important things to worry about like your credit! You will always fight constantly with your siblings because they will steal your stuff when you are away from school and you most likely will not get it back. However, your love for them is always stronger than anything and no one can break that.

Be brave, pave the way, set a good example, but most importantly put your family first!

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To My Sisters Starting Middle School

As you girls are in the last stretch of elementary school, I wanted to offer my advice and embarrass you with the overwhelming sense of pride I have for you both.

To my sisters about to start middle school,

I never understood why parents and family would always say, “You’re growing too fast, slow down," but having sisters that are ten years younger than me has really shown me just how true this statement is. As you girls are in the last stretch of elementary school, I wanted to offer my advice and embarrass you with the overwhelming sense of pride I have for you both.

Watching you two grow up has been so much fun; I tend to think that being an influence in your life has helped me grow more than it has helped you. I hope I can always be a voice of reason for you both. When you are doubting yourselves, your relationships, I hope you girls know you can come to me.

Watching you girls grow and blossom has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. You inspire me each day to be a better person and have taught me how to be a kid again. I laugh more with your precious smiles than with anyone else in the world.

You teach me new ways to look at things, and I hope to do the same for you. As I get older the more I realize how much I cherish the time we do get to see each other. When I am able to get home, all I want to do is be with you two.

You are some of the most strong-willed, intelligent, and beautiful girls. Your smiles light up any room you walk into, your laughter is a song. As you start this new chapter, remember how amazing you are and deserving of every opportunity thrown your way.

Cherish your friendships and each other. Remember to be kind and show compassion to those you meet. Leave an impression of grace and kindness so no one can say a mean thing about you. Use your brain and your heart, not just one or the other. I am so excited to see you girls continue to grow into the wonderful young woman you already are.

You have touched my heart so deeply and permanently ingrained yourselves in every conversation I have. The hardest part of college for me is being away from my two very best friends. I miss opening the door for you girls when they get off the bus or making you junk food because Mom said no. I miss going to breakfast all the time and being able to hug you whenever I want.

Whether sitting across the living room, or across the state, the bond we have created in unbreakable and irreplaceable. Every second spent with you both has been cherished and the memories to come will be cherished too. It’s so easy to take for granted those we love, but you have opened my eyes to the fact that even though we miss each other, the love we share can never make any distance or time damage the relationship we have between the three of us.

I am so proud of you girls. I am your biggest cheerleader and number one fan in all that you choose to do. I will be in the stands, the sidelines, the auditorium, whatever it is, cheering you both on in anything and all you do.


Your over-bearing, extremely proud, sister

Cover Image Credit: Shanna Mais

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5 Weird Things Identical Twins Do That Prove My Twin And I Might Be Extraterrestrial

Extraterrestrial? We'll never tell. Weird? Okay, we'll give you that

Being an identical twin is hands down one of the greatest things in the world. You have another human being running around with very similar features as you, basically a second closet, and someone genetically programmed to remember your birthday / to celebrate with.

While we are pretty awesome for many reasons, those who have spent time with a pair of identical twins also know we can be pretty bizarre as well. My twin and I have even be referred to as extraterrestrial.

1. Pretend to be each other

Yes, we twins will occasionally pretend to be one another to get out of certain situations. Other times we will swap identities for some sort of personal gain, or maybe to save the other twin from sort of trouble. Sometimes we may go to Chipotle twice in one day and when asked if we were there earlier, we'll say "oh no that was my twin". Our world is a stage.

2. Look at pictures and say you look like your twin

Yes we really do this. And yes I know to the world, identical twins well, look like identical twins. But, as a twin, you are very aware of your differences from your sibling and often forget you are an identical twin. So, occasionally we have little freak outs when we see a lot of our twin's features in ourselves. We may even take a picture together and say, "we really look like twins here".

3. Talk at the same time

I know this seems like a given as identical twins, but I promise when you witness it happen, and then maybe happen again right after that, it can be a little spooky. I can't tell you how many waitresses, co-workers, and friends my sister and I have completely freaked out. Especially when what we say is pretty specific. It's like our own little trick.

4. You don't finish stories and sentences around one another

Sorry singletons. We are sort of genetically programmed to leave you out every now and then. Twins sort of have there one language and don't generally need to finish their sentences or stories around each other. Often times they can tell half a story or sentence and the other sibling was thinking the same thing. Hence, no need to continue.

5. Wearing the same thing without planning to

Parents of twins will often dress them alike at least once growing up. There are too many cute opportunities not to. The twins themselves may even dress alike for some sort of special occasion. But, a lot of times twins can dress alike or pick a very similar, if not the same outfit, without even consulting one another. It doesn't end there.

My sister and I can split up when shopping and come out of the dressing room having picked the same clothes. Sometimes we find this hilarious, other times we can kind of annoy each other with it.

Extraterrestrial? We'll never tell. Weird? Okay, we'll give you that.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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