When you are the oldest sibling, you may think you've had it easy until your siblings get older. They will always have it easier, win your parents heart, but at the end of the day, you set the example and are the role model that will be rewarded in the end.

1. Your siblings have it easier than you did

2. Your parents blame you for any situation since “you’re the oldest”

No matter whose fault it really is, it will always be the oldest child’s fault. Parents think because you are the oldest, you are the most responsible, so you should control the younger siblings. Well, the truth is, your siblings don’t always listen to the older sibling because they are not the “parents”.

3. You are the first to complete any life milestone

You pave the way for your siblings, good or bad, so they will always learn from what you did and can adjust. You are the first to face obstacles and it's hard to do that. By paving the way and by not knowing how you accomplished something, you set an example for the younger ones which is something to be admired!

4. You are very protective of your siblings

You can mess with me, but you cannot mess with my siblings! This is an oldest child’s motto when it comes to protecting your siblings. Being older, you can intimidate younger kids who are bullying your siblings. If anyone makes fun of them or bullies them beside you, it’s GAME OVER.

5. You fight constantly but love them forever

Sharing clothes, cars, money, or anything else, you are constantly arguing. As the oldest sibling you kind of let the younger sibling get what they want because you’re older now and don’t really care. You have more important things to worry about like your credit! You will always fight constantly with your siblings because they will steal your stuff when you are away from school and you most likely will not get it back. However, your love for them is always stronger than anything and no one can break that.

Be brave, pave the way, set a good example, but most importantly put your family first!