Boy, If You're Not Gonna Call, Don't Bother Getting My Number
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Boy, If You're Not Gonna Call, Don't Bother Getting My Number

The story starts out like any other classic romance movie.

Boy, If You're Not Gonna Call, Don't Bother Getting My Number

The story starts out like any other classic romance movie.

Girl meets guy, they talk, it was epic, sparks were flying, and then he finally asked for the number. Girl patiently waits for a text (dare I say a call) and none came. The first day comes and goes, second, third, until she realizes it's the fourth day without any type of contact made. So what does she do?

Get angry and refuse to speak to any guys for the rest of eternity? Of course not but I realized in that moment that no matter what the excuse was, that was IT for me. If your “so called interest” in me was genuine then you wouldn’t have waited to talk to me.

Later, girl goes to grab a bite to eat with her girlfriend. Guess who she sees, “No Text dude!” Funniest thing about this story is the first thing he said was “Yeah sorry I didn’t contact you, I just forgot.”

Seriously? The best part about this story is that it was still in the beginning stages so no hurt feelings or anything.

However, I would like to reclaim my time thank you very much.

Reclaim my time for thinking about you, reclaim my time for imagining what could of been, and reclaiming my time for the moments I spent getting to know you.

Jump to a week after all of this went down, we go to our campuses food joint for breakfast with friends and once again, Coffee Boy is there. I completely ignored him of course but my friends mentioned how he was staring. Going up to place our order we exchange greetings and here he has the gall to try and act all cute, little did we know the exact moment we came up is when he conveniently decided to text us "Hey!"

I did what any other girl would do and ignored his message. Eventually, he texted again saying who he was but I still ignored it. If it took you a considerable amount of time to text me me a simple "Hey" and only when you saw me again, then you're not worth me sending you a reply.

And you want to know what's even funnier? He had a chance and he blew it! Like seriously blew it. But I'm not gonna bother thinking about this dude anymore because writing this article was my therapy.

So goodbye and good riddance Coffee Boy.

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