You're My Home
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You're My Home

You may not be four walls, but you are my heartbeat

You're My Home

I didn't know a person could feel like home to me.

That is, at least, until I met you.

You wrap your arms around me, and I feel safe.
Your scent fills every breath of air I take, and I am home.
Your love engulfs me with every glance into your hazel eyes.

How is it that someone could be made so perfectly for me?

I thank God for your presence in my life.
I know people like you don't come along easily.
You're special, and I don't need anyone to confirm that.
I feel it in the way you carry yourself. I feel it in the warmth of your skin. I feel it in the happiness in your smiles.

You stabilize me when I'm unsteady.
You hold me when I cry in the back of your car as you hold me tight.
You give me the most vulnerable sides of you and allow me to do the same.
You run your fingers over my back and hand, just to help me know you're there.

I have yet to understand how someone can make you feel at home. It's such a peculiar thought: a person and a house are two completely different things. But I guess that doesn't hold true with you, does it? You make me feel more safe than any four walls and a roof ever could.

I feel loved. I feel cared about. I feel wanted. I feel taken care of. I feel like you're my soulmate.

I have dated people before you, but you are the only person who has treated me like I deserve. You know you have something special, and you refuse to take that (and me) for granted. You know people like me are rare. You know I love you endlessly and will always be there for you. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough for giving me a healthy relationship. It means so much to me that you love me right.

You are what I deserve, despite the fact that you think I deserve better than you (as if that is even possible). The other night I asked you if you want me to be with someone who treats me right, loves me, cares about me, and makes me happy. You said, “Yes,” and I said, “Well you do all of those things and I want you, so don’t I deserve to have you?” You considered that thought for a moment and said, “Yes.”

I hate that you feel like you’re not good enough for me and that you don’t deserve me. You say I’m too sweet and I treat you too well. I personally feel you deserve every bit of effort I put into you, so I think you’re crazy for thinking you don’t deserve me. You deserve all of the happiness in the world. You are just an amazing person, I wish you could see that. You deserve to be treated like the princess you are. It’s an absolute honor to be able to treat you so well and as you deserve.

Most importantly, I feel safe. I feel at home. You're my home. And I hope your arms never stop holding me. I hope you'll continue to be my home, because nothing and no one has ever felt this right.

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