You're From Western Maryland If...
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You're From Western Maryland If...

Some people call it the "sticks" but we call it home.

You're From Western Maryland If...
John Esparolini

A place called Western Maryland does exist. No we are not apart of West Virginia, and yes we are just as successful as you down state folk, despite the stereotypes we're labeled with. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty, and can tackle any challenge from fixing your tractor to running a successful business in town. Coney born and Frostburg raised, this girl knows all about what it's like to be from Western Maryland.

1. You have been asked if you're from the "Sticks."

Replied with a sigh and an eye roll... yes? But they're called trees. And if you've never appreciated our beautiful mountains, you haven't lived.

2. You have been involved in a Cumberland vs Frostburg debate.

Whether it's school closings, an athletic event, or even politics, you cannot deny you've gone after a crazy parent, or two. It gives us something to do I guess? Despite the routine feuds, we have each other's backs in any tragic situation and support each other in athletic battles down state. The two cities act like siblings rather than neighbors.

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3. You've mastered the art of skiing, snowboarding, or even tubing at the Wisp.

That is if you're brave enough to take on a winter wonderland also known as the stretch of I-68 that winds through Garrett County in the winter months. You can most likely out ski all of the tourists, I mean you've had your whole life to practice right?

4. You've lost all hope on Noah's Ark.

It's sort of become our own personal landmark if you think about it. It's been around for generations, and you've probably considered finishing it yourself at some point just to have your out of state friends stop asking you about it at every holiday gathering. At least we're all prepared for the next apocalyptic flood!

5. Is it pronounced crick or creek?

If you asked me I'd say, "crick," if you asked my neighbor, they'd say, "creek." But does it really matter? We all spent hot summer days splashing around in them whether it was to fish with Dad, catch the crayfish, or just to cool off.

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6. You probably played at least one sport in your childhood years.

We have superb athletic departments across our counties if you really think about it. And we have the generations before us to thank for that, it's kind of in our blood. We have state titles to prove it in our athletics over the past 10 years.

7. You've adapted to the extreme changes in weather over a two hour period.

It was just sunny and seventy five and now it's snowing... 10 minutes later there will be a rainbow across the sky. Mother Nature may not know what she's doing here half of the time. It's common to not know what to wear because it may be 25 degrees in the mornings and near 80 degrees by 3:00 P.M. I guess we've just learned to embrace all four seasons in a 12 hour period.

8. You most likely attend church.

In fact we tend to have one every 10 miles or less it seems. It's something our small town is known for, especially our older generations. Your family has most likely been at the same church for ages, and you're okay with that. You go because your Grandma says you should, and in Western Maryland we were raised to respect our elders.

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9. You're family oriented.

We're all raised to spend our afternoons outside, and the evenings around the dinner table with loved ones. This area has it's own personal gravity. It doesn't matter how far you go or how long, you always end up back here, right where you started. It's where our roots are we can't help it!

10. You'll always be proud of where you came from.

I mean it is the best place to call home, we can't deny it. The people are genuine, there is endless community love, and you always feel welcome. We Western Marylander's may be tiny but we are fierce. We stick together and share the love for our small towns, appreciative of every opportunity they have ever given us. Nothing will ever beat your small town Saturday nights spent with friends who will cherish you till the day you die.

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