Today I want to take a break from the beauty tips and talk about what is "beauty." I know I post lots of different beauty tips but beauty is what you make it. Beauty isn't about who can do make up the best, or who wore it best. I think lots of people get confused with my articles and feel that I am trying to tell them what they should do in order to be beautiful, that's not the case. My articles are to help those who want to enhances their beauty, I write for those who want to learn how to add on to their beauty.

Many people feel just because one person wears lots of make up that means they are not confident in themselves. WRONG! One person can have all the confidence in the world and still wear tons of makeup. At the end of the day if that's what makes them feel beautiful then I'm here for it! Makeup is a way to show everyone who you are.

As we all know, beauty will always start from within. If you don't have beauty inside then you have nothing on the outside. It does not matter what you do, or how you look, your beauty will always start within you.

No matter what, I just want to express that beauty varies for all of us. Some may feel that their small nose is what makes them beautiful while others may think that having big hips is what makes them feel beautiful. At the end of the day, how you feel about yourself is all that matters. It begins with you.

How you feel about yourself is most important, if you want to buy all the new makeup products, if you want to wear something that isn't quite in style then just do it! If that is what makes you feel beautiful then do it. I know someone may need to hear this but please know you are beautiful, your features are what makes you, you. Love everything about yourself.

I think the point of this article is to just help someone feel better about themselves. I know sometimes we as people go through a phase where we feel down, don't feel like ourselves, etc.. Trust me that is completely normal, but just know that even when those phases occur, you are still a form of beauty. You walk around with your head high, and your crown never titled.

So what is beauty? Beauty is you, and me. Together we are beautiful, that is without a doubt. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself and makes you feel beautiful then do it. Remember never conform to other's beauty standards. Love yourself, love your stretch marks, big hips, big feet, big nose, small nose, little thighs, big thigh! Because that is your beauty.

I just hope this article really speaks to someone, makes them feel better about themselves, and even makes someone smile. Stay beautiful