New Dorp Beach is a somewhat nice neighborhood with a relatively low crime rate. Once in awhile, you’ll hear something about it in the news in regards to drug activity. Sadly, a lot of people have left the neighborhood due to the destruction of many homes by Hurricane Sandy back in 2012. They seem like mostly working class people, judging by the cars they drive and the homes they live in; mainly semis, apartments, and smaller bungalows.

Adjacent to the high school, there is a huge soccer field, Miller Field, that was once used as an airport with a hangar. The beach is not too far off from the school, maybe two or three blocks. There are blocks arranged in rows of residential houses. About two blocks east of the school, there is a complex full of apartment buildings. Some days, I see many students walking down the block from the school to the apartment complex. I assume some of them live in it. Across from the complex, there is a city playground with handball courts and a few jungle gyms for smaller children.

In the other direction, you approach Hylan Boulevard. There is a local 7/11 and a Speedway gas station. There are many restaurants and shops on the lane, as well as doctor’s offices. There are three different shopping plazas with supermarkets, restaurants, and clothing stores all within a few blocks of the school.