The winter time is cold and dreary and happiness can be short in supply. It's hard to be enthusiastic for just about anything when your toes are always cold, so I've taken the pleasure depicting our winter moods through the great Jim Carrey's Grinch.

1. When Your Friends Talk You Into Grabbing A Drink

It's healthy to leave your house at least once a month...

2. Finding Yourself In The Fridge At 2 AM

No judgment here. Eat your boredom away.

3. When Your Coworker Talks To You Before You've Had Your Coffee

Just don't talk to me in the mornings, ok?

4. Cancelling Plans To Stay In Bed

Sorry, I'm busy snugging myself.

5. Forgetting To Buy Groceries Before It Snows

The only thing worse than being snowed in is being unprepared in the snack department.

6. Returning Home After An Annoying Night Out

You're the best you've got. Remember that.

7. Hearing Christmas Music Too Early In The Morning

Turn that radio off until you're ready to face the world.

8. When The Cashier Asks How Your Day Is

How "am" I???

9. When Your Friends Insist On Coming Over

We can hang out, but no promises I'll be nice.

10. Looking At The Classes You Have To Take Next Semester 

brb using my winter break to mentally prepare for spring semester.

11. Making Excuses To Stay In Bed A Little Longer

I can stare at the ceiling just a bit longer...