In college, far too often, there is such an emphasis on competition.

Didn't you get a higher grade on that marketing proposal than she did? You must not be as competent as your classmate is.

You don't have a boyfriend yet? You must be doing something wrong.

You don't have your "dream" internship yet? You must not be as qualified as your peers.

We are told these lies over and over again, to the point that we all one day began to believe them.

However, over my college career, I have slowly begun to unwrap the layers of this myth and began to realize that while her journey might look different than mine, whoever "she" is, that she is not a threat to mine.

I have friends that are already married, friends that have never had a boyfriend, and friends who are off and on with their significant other.

I have friends who have their dream internships, jobs, and their future career planned out. I have friends who have no idea what they want to do regardless of their major and no idea where they want to be a year from now.

Regardless of where my friends or peers are in their journey, I must realize that I am where I am supposed to be at this moment, and God is not in a rush.

He did not mess up. He did not forget about me.

Girls especially have a problem with this and think that if she is doing better than me than God must favor her more and she must be doing something right.

This comparison kills.

Never doubt the power of God in your journey. Never fail to realize the fact that her success does not threaten yours.

Walk at whatever pace you wish, and never allow comparison or competition to steal your joy because far too often, let's be honest, we allow it to.