As of recently, I have began to notice how many people are romantically involved with another person, and as exciting and incredible as these relationships are/can be, I have realized that the "forever's" that we focus on are not always romantic.

We always are told to look for the person that we can spend forever with. That's the end goal of most relationships. We wait for the person that we believe we can spend the rest of our lives with.

However, sometimes, the people that we find ourselves being able to whole-heartily say we can spend the rest of our lives with are our friends.

Friendships, in my eyes, are the most important and special relationships we can ever find throughout our lifetimes.

As soon as we start school at the young age of pigtails and overalls, friendships are the first real relationships outside of our parents and family that we know. They're the people we choose to talk to, to play games with, and to laugh with. Building friendships are one of the first lessons of life that we learn and the importance of these relationships stick with us.

As time goes on, our friendship circles grow but we learn the type of qualities we look for in our close friends and when we find them, we open up to them in ways that are so much more special than any other bond we could experience. Friendships become our very first taste, as we grow up, of what our "forever's" need to look like.

Friendships teach us the type of person we need in our life forever in order to survive. We learn that the friends who are sarcastic and stubborn, but can always offer a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on are the people we need in our life forever. Or the quiet friend who has the most genuine heart and soul but will fight anyone that so much as says a harsh word about you. Or the friend who makes way too many inappropriate jokes sometimes, but their encouraging words and love for the world inspires you on a daily basis.

Friendships are the foundation of our forever.

We begin building our future and our forever with the life-long friends we meet along the way from the moment we are able to talk.

Romantic relationships are nice and comforting and loving, but friendships are the most important. Friends are the forever we have known and lived with our whole lives.

When things begin to fall apart in romantic relationships, the love that was established with a friendship lives on and carries us through those hard times.

Friends are the forever that we sometimes forget about, but are always there.

Take the time to thank your friends today.

Tell them why you love and make sure they know that they are your future and your forever.

They are the one you want to spend the rest of your life with laughing about dumb Youtube videos, baking cookies, watching Netflix marathons, playing video games, or singing at the top of your lungs with in your car on a late Saturday night.

Friendships are the love our forever should hold.