It's summer.

You and your college best friends go your separate ways for three whole months. What're you going to do! Yes, there's facetime and obviously texting and Snapchatting.

But, it's just not the same.

I know for me it certainly has been hard being away from the people you were once with for most of the year, every waking second of the day. Summer plans can be hard to make around your summer work schedule, but I know that I will do anything just to get one day off to see my best friends.

Their presence is just something that can't be explained and you just feel at home when you're with them.

Even just taking a trip down memory lane from the year they had together before and naming off all the fun and stupid things you did together makes you more excited for the upcoming year.

For me, my friend group always tries to keep in touch even with our busy schedules.

Our group chat is always filled with several memes or updates on each others' life of what happens day to day. It's always good to have a group of people you can go to when you need an opinion or a platform to rant to about.

I'm thankful that some of my college friends are just a 20-minute drive away, when unfortunately others are farther. But, in reality, this just gives me an excuse to travel and get out of my own city to go visit them whenever time permits.

Also, some things never change.

I still facetime my best friends at least once a day and try to keep up with them whatever happens throughout my day, just like we had never left college. I know they're schedule, and when they're free to talk and I'll know they'll answer. I'm thankful for our late night talks over a phone screen, acting as if they were here by my side.

I'll always cherish the short amounts of times I get to see them in person, but that's where I make the most of it and enjoy their presence the most. Distance has nothing on us, but sooner or later it will be time to go back and you'll be by my side again.