Your All-Time Favorite YouTube Videos In Middle School
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Your All-Time Favorite YouTube Videos In Middle School

Because it's all we had in the 00's.

Your All-Time Favorite YouTube Videos In Middle School

The 00's. What an embarrassing time to be young and impressionable. Myspace was dying, Facebook was just starting to blow up and Instagram wasn't even a thought. One thing all middle schoolers in the 00's had in common was we all came home and rewatched our favorite viral YoutTube stars and videos. We all had our favorite YouTubers, and if you're sitting here saying you didn't live for the hours you could watch YouTube videos alone in your bedroom, you're lying. Here's a reminder of your dark past, with a list of all of your favorite youtube videos from those shameful middle school days.

1. Supermac18

Mac, I'm assuming was his real name, rocked the original Bieber haircut before Bieber. Where is he now? No one knows but I hope he's not still making lip-syncing music videos with his best girlfriends.

2. Charlie the Unicorn

Because you felt like you had such a mature sense of humor appreciating this series

3. Muffins

4. Shane Dawson

The human epitome of your eight grade goth phase. Where is he now? Still making parody videos I'm pretty sure. Best of luck to you Shaney boy.

5. Top 60 Ghetto Black Names

Ah, a simpler time. I still appreciate this video knowing that nothing with this magnitude of racism will ever be able to be made viral again. Take a stroll down memory lane, sending the link to all of your friends over AIM so you could LOL together and make your favorite name you away status.

6. The Burrito Song

A round of applause to those of you who bought the .99 cents song on iTunes.

7. The Duck Song

8. Scarlet Takes a Tumble

9. Meganheartsmakeup

Don't even act like you didn't fall into a temporary when Megan and Justin broke up. I felt like my parents were getting a divorce.

10. On a similar note... Juicystar07

The OG makeup guru. Taught most girls in their early 20s how to put on eyeliner.

11. Anything from MadTV

Gurl, the back of yo head is ridiculous.

12. Harry Potter Puppets

If you went to sleepaway camp, this was a talent show staple.

13. My Hands are Bananas

Something that gives me nightmares today...

14. Gingers Have Souls

I'm still not sure if this was a joke or not.

15. KassemG

This guy was part of what I remember as the YouTube mafia. Just a bunch of adults avoiding getting a real job by entertaining youths.

16. Kingsley

The king of YouTube in my eyes.

17. And the greatest of all time...

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