I know I am not the only one who is somehow always the youngest person in their friend group.

There are reasonable explanations for my situations. I am going to graduate a year early from college, so the people in my classes are almost all at least a year older than I am. I am the youngest person in my position at work, so all my co-workers are my senior. Who knows, maybe I am just mature for my age.

Whatever the reason is, there is a unique role that the youngest person in the gang plays - especially in college.

1. You are constantly reminded of your age.

You are the youngest, and people think younger and usually, they think of words like: precious, cute, pure, etc. Your age has become a motif through all your inside jokes and roasting sessions.

While they don't view you are any lesser, they like to remind you that they have a couple extra years on you.

2. You get serious FOMO when they all go out to the bars.

If you have older friends, then I am sure you have had that awful period where all your friends are 21+ and you aren't. You would never deter them from going, but it is a bummer when all of your friends are going out together and you can't come! It isn't even about wanting to drink! It is about being the only one who can't go!

The Snapchats from the bar of drunken selfies to tell you, "we miss you xoxo" is great, but you still wish you were having a good time with your buddies instead of re-watching episodes of "Nailed It!" on Netflix.

3. You are everyone's default designated driver.

To continue on with the theme of alcohol, you can't drive so you can always drive! While you may not be able to go to the bar, you always see them at the end of the night when you are taking them all home!

Going to dinner? if you didn't drive everyone in your car, then you better be comfortable driving your friend's cars. Everyone realizes that they can have however many drinks they want because you have a guaranteed sober friend!

4. You are always polling your friends before making any decisions.

An upside to being the baby is you are the last to go through everything! Your friends have a year or two on you, so they have experienced more! Essentially, you have an advisory committee for your life. They know you on a deep level, so they are able to take their knowledge and apply it to you and what would fit you best.

You can tap into their wisdom when you need to, and you can be sure that your best interest is in their minds!

5. Everyone is fiercely protective over you.

You are the baby! Something in human nature makes people want to take care of those who are younger than them. You know that if anything were to happen to you, your whole squad would go full "mama bear" and you would never be in better hands!.