Having a younger brother is an adventure. But in a good way. I am a year-and-a-half older than my brother and looking back, I'm glad I had someone to grow up with. I am glad we experienced everything together and built the strong relationship we now have. He has always been there for me, and I will always be there for him. He's a built-in best friend and immediate supporter.

1. You get to gawk at his hot friends

Oh, some friends are coming over? Let me go put on some makeup and change my entire outfit. And if they're being too loud, you get to go say hi by telling them to quiet down. During those two minutes, you can get your cutie fill.

2. You're always down for a Nerf gun fight

My brother had a whole armory of Nerf guns and accessories. The number of foam bullets we went through as kids was ridiculous. And every Christmas and birthday, he would get a new one for us to battle with. The best was when we got our uncles and young cousins involved, too.

3. He's always bringing you fast food when he goes

If my brother was making a quick stop at Wendy's after work, he'd bring me a sandwich almost every time just because he knows I like them. There was one time I was craving Taco Bell, and when I texted him to get me something, he said he was already going there after work. He's the real MVP.

4. His room is stocked with all the good snacks

Ever in need of tortilla chips, Doritos, chocolate chips, or gummy worms, my brother had me covered. I just needed to go into his room or in the basement near the Xbox to sneak a few away. My brother is notorious for hoarding all the good snacks, but if you know his hiding spots, you're set.

5. You know all this useless information about cars

This seemed to happen overnight for my brother. When we're driving back to BG, he can look at any car and tell me the make and model, without hesitation. It happens so often, that I am familiar with certain cars and can pick them out quickly. What am I supposed to do with this information?

6. You get told daily that your brother's hot

This one kinda drives me crazy. I have had almost all of my friends tell me that my brother is hot and if he's single. I had one girl at my summer job follow him on Instagram to look at his pics. This girl didn't even follow me. Before college, I never had the experience of calling a friend's brother hot. Most of my friend's had sisters or no siblings. I felt deprived. But, now I can say it, and it feels great to return the favor.

7. You had to toughen up a little

With a brother, you become familiar with fighting and wrestling. If you accidentally get hit or punched, you can't run to Mom every time. If you told on each other every time, he wouldn't want to play with you because you were a tattle tale. No one ever wanted to be called a tattletale, so you had to grow a thicker skin.

8. You're known as [insert brother's name]'s sister to anyone

Even if the brother is younger, you will always be referred to as his sister. In high school, this happened to me all the time. I'm older but still referred to as a younger sibling. Just a casual thing that happens.

9. He always blares his music when you need silence

You need to study? You're on the phone? You have friends over? Every time you're doing something important, his music will be blasting from a speaker and the rap lyrics will distract you from anything. I like to think that my brother's love for rap pooled over to my love for rap.

10. He'll always be there for you

No matter how much you complain about him or how much he annoys you, you know that you could never live without him. Or that it's possible to love him more than you do. Your brother is one of your biggest fans and he should be one of yours.