Hey guys.

So, I miss you. Apparently, I can’t just go up to people at school and tackle them. Not that I do, but it was nice to have the opportunity to at home.

College is hard. I always have a paper or studying or something to do. And without mom and dad to tell me to go to sleep, my sleep schedule is always super messed up. Besides sleep schedule, my eating schedule is also never on track. I deserve a pat on the back the days that I actually remember to eat 3 meals a day at the right times. I wish dad were here to make me a waffle in the morning before class.

I have made a lot of great friends and they watch out for me and keep me company. There are a few guys who will take care of the bugs if we get too scared. Cause you guys aren’t here to kill them.

I also fight this constant battle with myself about my laundry. I know I really need to take care of it when I start running out of socks and underwear. I miss the steady flow that mom provided. Folding it sucks, but it is a great time to watch Netflix.

You guys should make sure you thank mom and dad every day for everything that they do for you. They make sure you get to school, have enough food for the day, get to practice on time, and keep you healthy and happy. It is hard being away from them, trust me. Your first semester away I bet you’ll cry in the shower at least once. You don’t ever have to confess that you do, but I think you might.

It’s just different at college. Your floor becomes your family. And I guess your roommate is sort of like a sibling. There are usually a mom and a dad on the floor -- the responsible ones that people seek out for advice and help. (I bet it doesn’t surprise you, but I’ve been called mom a few times.) Dining halls replace dining room tables. Upperclassmen become older cousins or siblings. It is a different family here. But it is not better than home.

I look forward to breaks when I get to see you guys. Whether it is cheering you on at a soccer game, going on a donut run, or walking aimlessly down the aisles of Target, we can always find something fun to do. I don’t know if you know how much I really do love and miss you guys. Cause I do. A lot. I wish I be with you guys more often, but until then our snapchats, texts, and calls will have to suffice.

I will always be here for you guys. No matter what. And if you need me, I will find a car and drive home in an instant for you. Because I love you.


Your Older Sister