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20 Signs You Are Ready For Your Golden Years

You might be young in years, but you are definitely old at heart.

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I have come to realize that I am an Old Soul, and I like to think that I have always been ready for my Golden Years. By Golden Years, I do not mean high school (God bless anyone who peaked in high school), but rather retirement age. Being 65+ and retired seems like the age that I am best suited for. Here are some signs that you might be ready to retire, move to Florida, and begin living out your Golden Years.

1. You go to bed early because sleep is your ultimate priority. This means that you are usually in bed sometime between nine and ten. Maybe eleven, but always before twelve.

2. You have completed three puzzles in the past month, and we are not talking about the pansy fifty piece My Little Pony puzzles, but the massive 2,000 piece cityscape puzzles.

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3. Losing one of said 2,000 puzzle pieces can ruin your whole month because the thought of your masterpiece going uncompleted haunts your dreams.

4. You recently purchased a jumbo pillbox to hold all of your necessary medications and vitamins.

5. You have tea every night before bed.

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6. You always wake up before nine.

7. You long for the days that you can take morning walks on the beach with the sun kissing your leathery skin.

8. You are mad that you do not qualify for senior specials at restaurants and AARP discounts.

9. You have contemplated joining a local bridge or Scrabble club to liven up your weeknights.

10. The thought of moving to a cozy home in Florida seems like the best idea right now.

11. Children irritate you. Actually, everyone irritates you.

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12. You find yourself increasingly interested by paid programming.
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13. You think songs on the radio are too loud and would rather listen to some nice classical or instrumental music.Courtesy of

14. You enjoy hard candy more than you should. We're not talking just any old candy, but specifically WERTHER'S ORIGINALS. Why do old people love Werther's Originals so much? I have no clue, but they're delicious.

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15. The idea of traveling, or really just going anywhere, exhausts you.

16. You have mastered your disappointing glance

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17. Playing a riveting round of BINGO is your version of a wild night.Courtesy of

18. You have memorized the entire daytime television schedule.

19. You have no idea what is going on in Pop Culture.

20. You aspire to be Betty White.

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