How Young People Are Voting In The 2020 Presidential Election
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The Presidential Election Is Days Away, Here's How Young Voters Are Making Their Voices Heard

There's no doubt the 2020 presidential election is unprecedented.

The Presidential Election Is Days Away, Here's How Young Voters Are Making Their Voices Heard

With the presidential election looming in less than a week, creators across Odyssey are coming to grips with the 2020 election and their voting choices.

The election has been presented as an existential crisis by both Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats believe there is no choice but to vote against Donald Trump as the future of our world (in terms of the environment and the pandemic) depends on it. While the Republicans are consistent in stating that an election of Joe Biden is an election for more restriction, more taxes, and less freedom.

Some of our creators are voting for the first time ever, like one creator who is voting blue in their hometown of Idaho, which traditionally swings red...

... or this creator, who is voting in their first presidential election but doesn't lean one way or another.

There's no doubt the 2020 presidential election is unprecedented for many reasons. For one, Trump has publicly stated via Twitter that he has ended COVID relief bill negotiations until after the election. Another for the fact that COVID-19 has left our country in a situation where mail-in voting is not only a norm but, for some, the only way they can cast their ballots.

One creator has had to question when and even if they will receive their mail-in ballot in Ohio.

All over the country, there are unique circumstances that will prove to be an important part of how the election results will turn out — like the mail-in ballot dilemma in Ohio and across other parts of the country.

Arizona has become a purple swing state. They also boast a top-five rank of Hispanic and Latino population in the country, which is why the Latinos for Trump organization is so crucial.

For a swing state like Arizona, the votes the organization garners could be crucial in keeping the state red after Trump pulled out a very slim victory there in 2016.

In 2020 voting has become a symbolic identifier of what you believe in, what you are willing to fight for, and who you are in America. Nobody so clearly represented that than the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

After her unfortunate death this year, a new justice was appointed to her seat, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who identifies as a constitutional originalist.

Ginsburg's death has inspired people across the country to vote and help create the change they want to see. One creator spoke about the impact Ginsburg had on her and why Ginsburg's death inspired her to register to vote.

As the election rolls closer and closer, it is obvious 2020 has changed us a lot and has informed how we will vote even more. And although it is easy to condemn the other side, to champion one ideology over another, 2020 is teaching us that we are all, truly, connected. And that the best thing we can do is talk openly and listen to each other.

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If you're interested in writing about the 2020 election or your voting experience, find our guide about writing for the 2020 election here and feel free to email our news editor at

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