Odyssey Wants To Hear About Your Experience As A First-Time Voter
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Odyssey Wants To Hear About Your Experience As A First-Time Voter

Here's a simple and easy template you can use to help you write your piece.

Odyssey Wants To Hear About Your Experience As A First-Time Voter

Are you going to be a first-time voter this year? We would love to hear about your experience voting.

Here's a simple and easy template you can use to help you write your piece about what your first-time voting experience was like.

Headline: I'm A First-Time Voter In [State], Here's What The Process Was Like

Cover Image: A great idea for a cover image would be one of you with your mail-in ballot or in front of your voting place.

Introduction: Talk about what state you live in and give a background of your political views: who you are thinking about voting for, a brief reason why you are voting for them, and any other relevant information.

It would also be good to talk about how your state voted as a whole in the past — did it vote for Trump or Clinton in 2016 and how does your state historically vote, Republican or Democrat?

From there you can answer some of these questions about the process of voting in your state:

  1. Were you able to vote in person or did you mail-in your ballot?
  2. What was it like doing a mail-in ballot?
  3. What was it like voting in person?
  4. How long were the lines to vote?
  5. Did in-person voting places observe COVID-19 protocols?
  6. What was your general experience voting?
  7. Did you feel like you had enough resources to make your decisions?
  8. What was it like voting in your state?
  9. What advice would you give to other first-time voters?
  10. Were there any things you didn't expect to encounter during the voting process?
  11. If you mailed in your ballot, did you like that or do you think you'd prefer to vote in person?
Add in any other points you want to about your experience to finish off your piece and then publish away!
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